Garden Edging Options

Defining your garden shouldn’t be overlooked. If your garden seems to need some enhancing, look at the edges. One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your garden is boosting or installing new edges. Besides their aesthetic value, edging also keeps your garden neat and clean by holding back soil, … Read more

Pros and Cons of Attached and Detached Garages

Pros and Cons of Attached and Detached Garages

Whether you’re building a new house, remodeling your house, or looking to buy a new house – one thing for sure if you’re facing a big amount of decisions you have to make. What type of house will best suit your budget? How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you want? Do you … Read more

Cabin Style Decorating for Your Home

When you hear the words “log cabin,” what image comes first into your mind? Probably, you envision a little log house in the middle of the woods with a roof tucked into the groves of trees. Maybe you see a stone house with a chimney that puffs smoke near a lake. And … Read more

Exterior House Painting Tips

Exterior painting of buildings

Painting the exterior of your house can cost thousands when you hire a pro to do it. But if you do it yourself, it can cost you only a fraction of that price. You can do it within a few weekends and you only need to buy paint and supplies. A good … Read more

Classic Wooden Toys Ideas for Kids

Wooden Toys Children's furniture

In this era where the world is getting more concerned about the environment, wooden toys are becoming more popular and preferable than their plastic and metal counterparts. Wooden toys bring back the memories when playtime was simpler. These toys are also appealing because it is natural, non-toxic and very durable – your … Read more

Decorating with Bamboo

Bamboo furniture design

Bamboo is probably the most decorative type of wood ever. It’s a great way to incorporate nature in the interiors of any home because it already looks good at its basic, natural state. And unlike other sources of wood such as trees, bamboo is very easy to grow and can regenerate itself … Read more

Decorating with Glass Furniture

Book Table Indoors Furniture Office Glass

Glass is a beautiful, transparent and reflective kind of material and when used for home décor and interior design, it gives an elegant and sophisticated effect. Furniture and accessories made of glass are highly versatile, because they allow for other colors and patterns in a room shine through. Glass items are also … Read more

What is an Induction Cooktop?

You’re probably more used to cooking in a gas stove or in electrical devices such as ovens and microwaves. If you have browsed on stores for a new cooktop or range, you’ve probably seen an induction cooker. Gas and electric cooktops are common, while induction cooktops are still a fairly new technology … Read more

Common Types of Lighting Fixtures for Homes

For any home, a room can have multiple functions. A living room can not only serve as a gathering area, but it may also have been a place to work on the family computer. A bedroom may not only serve as an area to sleep or dress up but also a place … Read more

What is a Vertical Garden?

Not all households are blessed with enough yard space to create a garden with a beautiful landscape. If gardening is a passion and your home doesn’t have enough space (especially if you live in high-rise buildings in the city), then vertical gardening is a great option. A vertical garden is a garden … Read more

Minimalist Style Decorating for Your Home

Keep storage concealed and neat

In a minimalist interior, less is better. It’s about creating a space that is simple and functional, with less visual noise, less color and, of course, less stuff. It’s about focusing on a handful of items that you really need and love rather than keeping a lot of different items you don’t … Read more

Different Dishwasher Styles

No one likes doing the dirty dishes so, good thing the dishwasher is there to help. Back then, it was considered as luxury, but now it is a need in any new kitchen design or renovation. It’s a convenient way to wash dishes because it doesn’t only remove cleanse dishes of food … Read more