Learn About the Different Types of Pillows

different pillows on the bed

Did you know that thousands of years ago, pillows were not always made for comfort? This is because the earliest types of pillows, which were used by the Chinese and by the people in Ancient Mesopotamia in 7000 B.C., were made using stone and wood. The Greeks and Romans were the ones … Read more

How to Make Your Bedroom Seem More Luxurious

A luxurious bedroom

After coming home from a tiring day, the chances are that you head straight to your bedroom to relax, recharge and relieve all the stress. A bedroom is a very personal space that defines you and should instill calmness in you so that you look up to it after a hectic day. … Read more

Practical Bathroom Items that Add Style

All American Collection 18 Piece Bathroom Set Medici

Bathrooms are not just meant bathing, grooming and doing our business. It has now become a haven for relaxation for a lot of people. Bathrooms are mostly overlooked when it comes to home decoration, because it’s more of a functional room than a room you’d like to accessorize. Most bathrooms lack enough … Read more

Great Shower Curtains for your Bathroom

Great Shower Curtains for your Bathroom

A shower curtain is an important part of your bathroom’s décor. It’s also the easiest and most efficient way to dress up your bathroom. Your choice of a curtain can make or break the interior feel you are going for. If you’re looking for the best shower curtain for your bathing area, … Read more

How to Organize your Bathroom

How to Organize your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to organize, and when it’s organized properly, it makes a great impact in your daily life. It can make your showering, bathing, relieving and grooming a lot more comfortable. Having an organized bathroom can really help speed things up when it comes to getting … Read more

Best Shower Organizers

The Shlocker

Shower organizers are a must-have for any bath area. You want to place an organizer inside – whether it’s wall-mounted, hanged on the shower, hanged on the shower door, or placed by the tub – to keep your bath products within arm’s reach. Here are some great ideas on how you can … Read more

Tips for Choosing a Mattress

Tips for Choosing a Mattress

Choosing the right mattress may seem like an easy task at first. You have a queen size bed frame, then you need a queen size mattress. But once you’ve seen that there are many choices out there, choosing now becomes overwhelming. What can feel like a comfy cloud to one person can … Read more

Types of Bases for Mattresses

Types of Bases for Mattresses

A good night’s sleep is important for good health. To achieve this, make sure your bed is very comfortable. Having the right mattress plays a big part, but do you know that what goes under the mattress is just as important as well? Mattress bases, or also known as mattress foundations, are … Read more

Best Bathroom Rugs

Utopia Towels Washable Cotton Banded Bath Mat

Bathroom rugs are a must-have item in a bathroom. It’s decorative and provides a comfy surface for the feet, but most importantly, it absorbs water from the feet after your bath and shower to keep the bathroom floor and toilet area dry and clean. It can also help pull the look of … Read more

Tips for Organizing your Bathroom Drawers

Lipper International 8397 Bamboo Wood Adjustable Drawer Organizer with 6 Removable Dividers

What you keep inside your bathroom drawers is up to you, as well as the number of drawers your bathroom vanity has. A drawer can be used as storage for many things: makeup; beauty products; hair accessories and hair gadgets like curling iron, blower and hair straightener; toothbrushes and other oral hygiene … Read more