How To Negotiate Repairs After Your Home Inspection?

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Most homeowners to ensure their money goes into purchasing the perfect property tend to hire home inspectors. A home inspector is a licensed professional who inspects the main areas of the house for shortcomings and defects. Once the inspection is done, the home inspector presents a list of negatives and positives of … Read more

Tips For Having a Pre-inspection for Your Home

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Selling a property is no easy task. Although you might have found the right price but it will be a while until you can start moving the boxes because the house needs to go through an inspection. Inspectors tend to check every inch of the area and can bring down the price … Read more

What You Should Know About Home Inspectors?

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It is estimated that two out of five properties are defected and these defects are not cheap either. Repairs and replacements on average cost around $15,000. On one hand, while you try to purchase the best property possible, on the other hand, you need someone professional to inspect the house for any … Read more

Who Is Present During a Home Inspection?

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Although a home inspection is the safest way for potential buyers to invest their money, it also one of those necessary evils that can either make or break a deal. It is estimated that atleast 1 out of 20 contracts are canceled due to home inspection. A home inspection is done to … Read more