How to Make Zero-Waste Plant Fertilizer at Home

Fertilized soil in plant pots

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a commendable practice, while keeping a decorative plant at home is also beneficial in many ways. By keeping and taking care of these living things, we’re able to get cleaner air to breath as well as a sense of accomplishment. The produce they give us … Read more

Guide to Pest-Proofing Your Home

A wall with sealed cracks

While there are many ways to get rid of any pest that comes in your home, prevention is usually a better and more natural route. If you can successfully pest-proof your home, you wouldn’t have to change your plans and spend some days eliminating pests that threaten your home and peace of … Read more

Steps to Take For Your Flea-Infested Pets

A scratching cat

When a pet gets infested with fleas, their owner naturally gets worried about them. Not only are the fleas uncomfortable and unhealthy for the pets, but they might quickly transfer from one pet to another, and from the pets to the house. Fleas are one of the most common reasons why you … Read more

Termite Signs To Watch Out For

Termites aren’t your usual pests; along with being annoying, they can literally eat you out of house and home. If they’re left to spread, these creatures can destroy the door frames, books, window frames, and even the foundations of your house or building. You can protect your precious home from pests of … Read more

Guide to Ridding Your Home of Flies

Close-up of a housefly

Houseflies might be a common sight in your locality, especially around the warmer months of the year.  Despite their name, these pesky creatures are certainly not welcome in anyone’s house or apartment. They spread germs, buzz in our ear, and are generally regarded as an unhygienic pest that we must get rid … Read more

What to Do If your Furniture is Infested With Fleas

Outline of a flea

If you can see one flea crawling around on your furniture, there are probably more where that came from. In such cases, quick action is the need of the hour. Many pet owners routinely face this issue if they’re not careful, but this doesn’t mean that you have to live with these … Read more

Natural Treatments and Remedies for Lice

A set of hair care tools

Lice, specifically head lice, is one pest that terrifies parents everywhere. The good news is that an infestation of head lice doesn’t mean that you or your child is following an unhygienic lifestyle. Such pests go with both clean and dirty hair, so thorough washing is not going to get rid of … Read more

Different Types of Ants and How to Deal With Them

An ant on a leaf

Once they enter a dwelling, ants seem to get everywhere. They’re in the pantry, in the kitchen, and can even get into your bedroom. The result is uncomfortable, to say the least. These pesky creatures can get into your food and clothes. If you’re looking to pest-proof your home on your own, … Read more

What Causes a Pest Outbreak?

A cluttered table

Whether you’re a fan of DIY pest control or just call in a professional exterminator to get rid of pest problems, preventing an outbreak should always be a priority. When you know you can prevent the pests from getting in your home or garden, taking the right precautions is much easier. It’s … Read more

Top Tips for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Close-up of a bed bug

Bed bugs are a homeowner’s nightmare, but they’re also a harsh reality. You’d be lucky if your home never gets bedbugs, though this is unlikely. Bed bugs know a lot about hiding and avoiding detection; plus they’re tiny enough to be ignored unless you’re actively looking for them. These annoying and problematic … Read more

Tips To Quickly Prepare a Basement for Guests

a cozy basement

Having guests over at your house may be exciting, but it is also intimidating. There is so much to do. Preparations are to be made for them so they can be comfortable at your house or apartment. There are meals to be prepared. And if they decide to stay overnight, it sounds … Read more

How to Clean Window Blinds

Just like anything else around the house, your window treatments can also get dirty. Window blinds are often the last things you think about when cleaning, but it also deserves a little TLC. Cleaning the blinds can only take 30 minutes, so if yours are already dirty, take some time off from your day … Read more