Tips On Making the Most of Your Home Inspection

A home inspection is the most important part of purchasing a property. When you are out there looking for the perfect place to invest your money, you need everything to be spot on. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers in the market that will sell you a property with all sorts of problems and shortcomings. Home inspection in that respect will save your money going down the drain. Let’s take a look at some important tips for you to make the most of your home inspection.

Show Up

When you hire the home inspection service, make sure that you show up as well. The reason is that you can clearly communicate and address any potential issues that you might have encountered. You should not hesitate to ask questions and even point out minor problems. Sometimes, homeowners tend to ignore subtle details that turn into a huge problem later down the road. And since it is the first time the home inspector is going to be visiting the property, you need to get your hands on as much information as possible. 

Use Someone You Trust


Choosing a home inspector requires a bit of research. There are a lot of professionals out there offering their services but you never know their capabilities until you interview them. Your realtor might also recommend a home inspector but you should go for your own. It is because realtors work with home inspectors to get poorly-maintained properties approved. The realtors tend to give good makeup to the house and hide the shortcomings. As a result, the customer only finds out when problems arise. 

An impartial home inspector will go through the house in detail and address potential issues. Furthermore, they will keep everything transparent so that both parties are conveyed the same information. Otherwise, if the home inspector is on the realtor’s payroll, he/she will not talk freely and won’t have anything but positive feedback about the property. However, for a good home inspector, you will need to pay a bit more. 

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

This is a common mistake amongst potential customers. They hesitate to ask questions from the home inspector assuming that it will make them look naive or lead to irritation. But that is what you are paying them for, isn’t it? A professional home inspector is bound to answer all your questions no matter how big or small. Not every customer is the same and not everyone possesses the same amount of information and knowledge. 

On the other hand, if the home inspector suggests you dropping the property and look for other options, you should be confident about their decision. If something is causing confusing, you should speak up there and then. This will help you while you are looking for other properties in the area.

Collect Proof

Professional home inspectors carry cameras and other tools to collect proofs. This is another way of addressing potential issues transparently. Plus, the home inspector will also crawl into spaces where you wouldn’t want to go such as under the decks, crawl space and the roof, etc. While the inspector is performing the inspection, request him/her to take pictures so that you can take a look at the issues as well. This will help you understand if you are able to deal with the problem once you have purchased the property.

Furthermore, infrared and thermal cameras can give you and your inspector a clear look inside the walls. This is not otherwise possible especially when it comes to flooring and drywall. And since this technology has become affordable, the inspector should utilize such tools throughout the inspection process.

Perform a Pre-Inspection On Your Own

Apart from hiring an inspector, you should perform a pre-inspection on your own as well. You can develop a good idea of the property just by looking at it. Once you step inside, you should check the floor as well as the condition of the walls. Plus, you should also consider inspecting outlets and switches. A well-maintained property is going to have everything in motion but it might be that certain areas are not upto the mark. Therefore, you should not panic. Older properties tend to have issues due to aging.  

You should take a walk around the house and check for drainage issues, peeling paint, mold, rust, and decks and porches. These areas can tell a lot about how the property was kept by the previous or current owner. 

Once you note down the issues, you can share them with your inspector so that he/she can get straight down to the issues. 

Pay Close Attention to the Roof

The roof is the most important part of the house and this is where most problems arise. If the roof is not healthy and well-maintained, the water will make its way inside while it is raining and the HVAC system might not function efficiently as well. The reason is that cracks and other damages allow cool air to escape and moisture to enter. 

If the roof has been repaired, try to ask when and how it was fixed. In some cases, the damage is minimal. However, if the property is old, it might have had several roof repairs over the years. Therefore, if possible, get up on the roof with the inspector and thoroughly inspect it for any damages or shoddy repair jobs. 

Look for Cosmetic Fixes

A well-maintained property is going to have freshly painted walls and polished floors. However, that should not stop you from visiting and inspecting each area of the house. Sometimes, realtors tend to hide the problems using cosmetic fixes. From the outside, it might look like a minor problem but you never know what awaits until the actual problem pops up. 

Check the Attic

A home inspection is not complete without checking the attic. A well-functioning attic means that the property is well looked after. However, you and your inspector need to be careful of the insulation. At the same time, visiting the attic can tell you a lot about recent repairs and renovations. In most cases, homeowners tend to ignore proper venting. This leads to the creation of rot and mold due to moisture and humid air. In addition to that, the inspector should also check for attic air leaks. If that is the case, you should look for other options. 

Final Word

Purchasing a property can be tricky and difficult if you are doing things on your own. With that being said, a home inspector can make the process a lot easier. By inspecting each corner and area of the house, you will be at peace knowing that your money will go to the right place. Therefore, you should only hire a professional inspector and address any concerns that might create problems in the future.