How to Identify Your Grass

A close-up picture of morning dew on lush-green grass.

Identifying the type of grass your lawn has is an essential prerequisite for meeting the needs of it. It helps you give your plant the best possible care, making the entire process seamlessly smooth with little to no gardening setbacks resulting in beautifully adorned turfgrass. Your lawn may consist of one grass … Read more

Danthonia Poverty Grass and How to Care for It

A Close-up picture of turf grass during sunset.

As an item of scientific inquiry and debate, finding the perfect turf grass for lawns, golf courses, playfields, and sports stadiums is an ordeal for many. The most-perfect turf grass needs to be hardy and vigorous, featuring high resistivity against a myriad of climatic and soil conditions. It should have the ability … Read more

Hybrid Bluegrass and How to Care for it

A field of glossy grass with dew on it

Hybrid bluegrass is the genetic cross between two premier perennial species of cool-season lawn grasses. This hybrid bluegrass seed was created in the 1990s by crossing the long-time standards Kentucky Bluegrass (Poapratensis L.) and Texas Bluegrass (PoaArachnidaTorr.). Since emerging in the market, it has appeared on the meadows and lawns of many … Read more

St. Augustine Grass

Neatly mowed green grass

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season turfgrass grown widely in subtropical and tropical regions. As the name suggests, it is native to St. Augustine, Florida. It adorns the lawns of many houses in warm states across America, including Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida. St. Augustine grass establishes by vegetative propagation, including sod … Read more

Buffalo Grass and How to Care for It

Close-up picture of grass during sunrise.

Known for its low maintenance and drought-resistant qualities, buffalo grass is a popular pick for parks, residential landscapes, and golf courses. It is a warm-season perennial grass native to the lands of North America; from the Great Plains of Montana to New Mexico, this grass species is prevalent naturally. It is the … Read more