Top 10 Plants for Your Home Kitchen

kitchen plants on the counter

Home decorations are very important because it is something that makes the place more relaxing and pleasant to live in. There are many different decorations out there to choose from, such as paintings, figurines, lights, and more. But among those, one of the best are houseplants. Most of the time, houseplants are … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Container Gardening

Gardening is a great activity for many people. Some people love to create a garden for decoration, while others plant herbs and vegetables that can be used for cooking. However, for those who have limited space at home, it can be quite challenging to create a garden. But that does not mean … Read more

Growing Fruits at Home

A large fruit platter

Having fresh fruit always on hand might seem like a luxury, but it’s possible to have it when you’re growing fruits at home. While the thought of having your own homegrown fruit is nice, some might be overwhelmed by this step. Fortunately, there are some easy fruits you can start off with.  … Read more

How to Grow Mint at Home

Growing herbs and vegetables at home isn’t that difficult; in fact, growing a small crop of mint, coriander, and spring onions might end up saving you a lot of hassle. It’s difficult to keep buying fresh herbs from the market and making sure that they last a long time. If you have … Read more

My Home Built Solar Food Dehydrator

food dehydrator

After reconsidering the plans for a solar-powered food dehydrator – which originally consisted of a drying rack built into the roof of the conservatory, we have now built the new and improved version and we have to say after trying it out, that it does a fantastic job! We already have an … Read more

Straw Bale Gardening

Straw Bale Gardening

We decided to include a page on straw bale gardening because it is another practical and useful option. It provides abundant growing possibilities with minimal maintenance and can save you a fortune on buying compost and raised-bed construction materials. Straw bale gardening is excellent if you have a water-logged area of your … Read more

Saving Water for the Garden Not Just a Case of Convenience

water butts

My second 58-gallon water barrel arrived the other day, making our saving water efforts a lot easier. One of the things we’ll be doing a LOT in the peak growing time is watering. Rainwater as far as we’re aware is a lot better than tap water for the plants, so having a … Read more

Designing a Container Garden for Growing Food

Container gardens in any setting can be simply fabulous, and designing a container garden for your own needs can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. People with small gardens or limited space tend to favor container gardens for good reason. There are some big advantages and … Read more

Your Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas and Planning

Vegetable Garden Layout

Planning is everything! Organizing your vegetable garden layout will be a key factor in getting the maximum yields, especially if your growing area is limited. Here are some ideas and sketches to consider for your vegetable garden layout ideas. The Right Location The right location is absolutely everything. It will mean the … Read more

Square Foot Gardening: Maximum Yields From Tiny Spaces

Square Foot Gardening: Maximum Yields From Tiny Spaces

Square foot gardening is the name given to an intensive gardening method that employs specifically-sized raised growing plots. The plots are a maximum of 4 feet wide by any chosen length, although 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 6ft tend to be the most popular choices. The growing area is sub-divided into … Read more

Heirloom Seed Gives Amazing Results!

heirloom seedlings

Seeds are not just seeds. One of the big distinctions is whether you buy heirloom seeds, regular seeds, or hybrid seeds. Without going into all the controversial political nonsense that currently surrounds the purchase and use of heirlooms, as a preparedness fan, we decided we wanted to not find ourselves reliant upon … Read more