What Can You Grow in a Container Garden?

Container gardening is one easy way to decorate and give life to your front porch or garden. This method adds a dash of color to dull-looking areas or helps cope with the poor soil in your yard. Contrary to what most people believe, most plants thrive well in containers, and you just have to make sure that each of the containers has good drainage. To give your plants a long life and make sure that the bloom altogether, you have to make a hole in the bottom of your pots so that your plants won’t drown. Plants and vegetables such as petunias, tomatoes, marigolds, and peas are just some of the perfect plants that will endure being planted in a container. With that being said, we are going to give you a list of plants that you can grow in your container garden.

Lettuce and Salad Greens

Lettuce and other green leafy vegetables grow up in a container quickly. One best thing about plating your salad greens in a container is it gives you the power to control pests and weeds more easily. Keep in mind that most salad greens are spring crops, and if you want to extend your harvest, you can move them to a more relaxed side as the growing season draws near.

Sweet and Hot Peppers

Both of these peppers can be pleasing to the eyes, especially the purple and orange sweet peppers. Aside from adding a pop of color to your garden, these peppers can also be grown in large containers just as long as they receive enough sun and have proper drainage. Another advantage of adding peppers in your container garden is that you can move them in and out of your home. This means that you can protect it from harsh weather conditions.


Tomatoes are probably the easiest crop to grow in a container garden. However, keep in mind that tomatoes thrive well in big containers or a tomato cage. Also, the larger the tomato variety you’re going to plant, the larger the container it will need. Remember to keep your tomato plants away from your cats or dogs because it can be very toxic to them if they ingest it.


Aside from being a beautiful addition to your container garden, arugula has spicy leaves and edible flowers. This plant does not need an enormous container to grow on; all you have to do is remember to let them get full morning sun every day and move it into a shaded location in the afternoon.

Coral Bells

This is a perennial plant with small frothy flowers that bloom over mounded foliage every summer. It has leaves that can be in shades of deep burgundy to light peach.


This is a very versatile and hardy plant. It has several leaf shapes, and its flower’s colors range from brilliant orange to entirely white. Most begonia’s do well in containers; all you have to do is remember not to let them get too wet. You can grow begonias in a mixed container or plant them in a hanging basket.


This is not a very popular plant, but it is undoubtedly one of the toughest out there because it can withstand several weather conditions such as drought and heat. It has wispy leaves and delicate white flowers, which can add a delicate accent to your beautiful container garden.


Yes, you read that right; flowering shrubs such as hydrangeas can also be planted in containers as well. Hydrangeas have white or whitish-pink flowers that turn into shades of purple, pink, and lime green.


This is a delicate plant, but it can tolerate heat, and it does not need to be deadheaded to make sure that it blooms all season. Angelonia can come in mauves, pinks, deep purple, white, and purple-blue colors. You can mix them with trailing herbs to create a more attractive combination in your container garden.


This plant blooms perky little flowers in shades of pink, purple, yellow, orange, and white. The nemesia is a durable plant, and its flowers can last all season; it can also bloom during winter in milder climates, but it is still considered an annual plant.