Benefits of Having a Kitchen Garden

Whether you have a vast space in your backyard or an area for a few pots on your balcony, having a kitchen garden can provide you with a multitude of benefits. That’s on top of the fresh fruits, aromatic herbs and healthy vegetables you can harvest every day. Some of these bonuses are available on-the-spot, you don’t have to wait to see and garner them. So, if you haven’t started your kitchen garden yet, ahead are some of the advantages that push to have one!

Delicious and Fresh Harvest

Delicious and Fresh Harvest

Having a garden in your backyard means you can have access to fresh harvest at any time. Unlike those in stores, no transportation is involved, and they don’t need to sit at shelves for days. You can pick fruits and vegetables straightly from the vine, and you’ll be surprised how juicy and tasty they are. 

Helps you save money

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs on groceries can be a bit pricey, given that they need to be transported, stored, taxed, and other factors which can contribute to the increase in its price. By growing a garden from just a few bucks on the seed, you can save a considerable fraction of the cost of those sold in supermarkets and reap a lot of produce.

Improved health

Improved health

A common concern about vegetables and fruits available outside is you’ll never know how they were grown. Most farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in their crops for mass production. When you start your kitchen garden, you can opt to produce them organically and sustainably. Thus, reducing the risk of you and your family eating those containing health-hazardous chemicals.

You also get to choose which produce to grow. Want those that can aid in pain? Grow garlic, ginger, onions, and turmeric in your kitchen garden that are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Looking for improved bone health? Cabbage, broccoli and okra are your best bet. There are specific vegetables or fruits you can opt for your desired health benefit.

Gardening is a good exercise

Gardening means you’ll do a lot of activities, from digging, planting, weeding, lifting, to sprinkling water. While it makes take effort, see it as a good form of exercise as it will involve different muscle groups in the body. You can burn up to 400 calories per hour when gardening, all worth it for a healthier body and good harvests in return.

Reduces stress

Gardening is an excellent stress reliever due to an array of reason and gardening is great for mental health . First, it allows you to go outside, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine, significantly improving your disposition and making you feel happy. Second, gardening can help you deviate from day to day issues, even for small parts of your day. Lastly, growing your own crops and seeing them flourish each day can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and further uplift your mood.

It’s good for your kids 

It’s good for your kids 

Having a kitchen garden can also be an excellent way to bond with your kids, expose them outside, while imparting them valuable knowledge. Allow them to partake in simple activities, such as in watering the plants or picking dead leaves. You get to bond with plus let them experience the natural world. Moreover, they get to know where food comes from, and the efforts it takes to grow and harvest them, teaching them how to value their food.

Earn extra income

If it’s legal in your area, you can sell extra vegetable and fruits to get extra money. You can establish a roadside stand or sell them to local establishments and restaurants. Alternatively, you may share them with your neighbors and friends instead. Owning a kitchen garden will most likely leave you with lots of produce to part with others.

That’s the rundown of the benefits of having a kitchen. We hope that it inspires you to start your own and begin harvesting all the good things that it offers!