How to Make Your Bedroom Seem More Luxurious

After coming home from a tiring day, the chances are that you head straight to your bedroom to relax, recharge and relieve all the stress. A bedroom is a very personal space that defines you and should instill calmness in you so that you look up to it after a hectic day. If you are willing to make your bedroom elite but do not know how to get it done, worry not!  We have you all covered.  

Read along, and let’s get started with things you need to do in order to make your bedroom seem more luxurious!


Canvases in a bedroom

As mentioned above, a bedroom is a place that defines you, so why not display artwork that means something to you? Not just that, but displaying artwork can help you personalize your room and give a rich look to your bedroom. Some of the artwork can be a photograph, canvas, painting, sculpture, etc.  

Are Rugs Important? 

Rug in a bedroom 

Yes! Buying a rug is the easiest way to improve warmth and add a bit of texture to your room. It also makes the room look lavish. It would help if you always keep in mind to get a rug that matches the theme of your room, like a chic rug. If the theme of your room is black, then choose a rug that best compliments your bedroom.  

Use Excessive Pillows

Pillows on a bed. 

You might be thinking that you need only two pillows to sleep peacefully then why should you get excessive pillows? It’s because excessive pillows will give a lush look to your bedroom and make your bedroom look luxurious and more comfortable than others!


Chandelier in a bedroom 

One of the major things that make your bedroom look opulent are lights. Tube lights and bulbs are basic and old-fashioned. You need to get yourself a hanging light, some lamps, or a luxurious chandelier! Make sure that the light you choose defines your bedroom the way you want it to! Try to choose a light that is white, yellow as they add a lot of grace to your bedroom, or you can go for any other color of your preference.  

Side Table

Side table with a lamp and plant beside a bed 

No matter how many things you buy to make your bedroom look more luxurious if your side table has a half glass of water, creams, books, your watch, a pack of biscuits, you are going to fall back to zero. A limited amount of things result in a much more aesthetic look. Make sure that your side table is not occupied with a lot of things. Move most items in your drawer and keep your side table as clean and neat as possible. 

If you have a side table and you want an elegant table cloth to go with your side table, then do check our guide on different types of tablecloths 

A key tip to add a little richness to your bedroom is to keep an elegant tray on your side table that has all unwanted things that make your room look messy such as jewelry, small collectibles, cream and perfume bottles, etc. The tray does not have to be expensive. You can get a simple tray and paint it with rich colors such as grey, silver or metallic and it will look as if you bought it from an expensive shop! 

Little Details Matter

Bedroom with less furniture

It is essential to ensure that your bedroom does not have excessive furniture as it will alter the look of your bedroom. Having less furniture will give a subtle and luxurious look! The color of your bed frame, rug, side table, canvas, study table, and curtains should be mixed in a way that gives a rich look because these little details matter a lot.  

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If you want to make your bedroom look more sumptuous, you have two options; you can either buy new furniture that will be costly or update your existing furniture. The simpler way is to update your furniture. Updating your furniture can include upholstery, new sheets, new pillows, etc. Remove and throw away that old and plain door, drawer knobs and replace them with new ones. Make sure to look for metal or glass hardware because these minor changes will give your room an elegant look!  

Go Green!

Plant right beside a bed 

No matter what theme your bedroom has, you should always add greenery to your room because it adds a peaceful and rich vibe to your room.  You can keep small or big potted plants on your side table, dressing table, or right beside your bed for a natural and attractive look. 

On the other hand, just like your side table, you should organize your vanity because otherwise, your room will look messy.   

Well Dressed Bed

Well-dressed bed with pillows and lamps

Whenever you go to a lavish hotel, what is the one thing that tells you that this is indeed a luxury hotel? A well-kept bed with top-quality sheets and good looks! Most people don’t know the importance of a well-dressed bed and how it can make your bedroom look opulent. 

Keep in mind is that it isn’t compulsory to opt for white bedsheets only. Yes, they look amazing and generic, but try to change it up a bit and experiment with your bedsheets! You should invest in different colored bed sheets such as grey, black, or any other color that matches your room’s setting.

Placing Curtains in the Right Way!

Bedroom with TV, bed, and curtains 

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small bedroom, the right setting can change everything. Gather a bit more space and move your curtains up a bit, per say two three inches beneath the ceiling line. When the curtains hang to the floor, it will make your bedroom look not only spacious but also sumptuous! Placing your curtain the correct way can boost the room’s look. 

Seating Area Is Important

Chair in a bedroom near the window

If you want to feel comfortable and luxurious both simultaneously, you need to have a seating area in your bedroom. A seating area in a bedroom is vital as it gives a sense of space and adds a comfortable resting spot for yourself and your guests. 

The fabric of the furniture can be upholstered in velvet and rich colors such as grey, black, magenta, silver, and metallic. Go for a color that blends in well with the theme of your bedroom.

Wardrobe Change

Change the aesthetics of your room by painting your wardrobe the same color as the walls or in such a color that brightens your room. Also, make sure that your wardrobe is always organized and never messy!

Decoration on Point!

Some materials that you can use to decorate and make your room look opulent are linen, cotton, wood, metal, glass, and velvet. All of these materials will make your interior look aesthetically pleasing!

Rather than using tiles, you can install wooden flooring as it changes a room’s base look and adds a natural vibe to the room.

One of the simplest ways to make your bedroom attractive is to decorate your room symmetrically. Place everything symmetrical like pillows, lamps, side tables and add some minor details, and your room is good to go!


Bedrooms are a reflection of you, the way you decorate your bedroom displays your preferences and tells a lot about you. Try putting your mind to work decorating your room and plan it out according to your preferences for a completely personalized look.

Create a space that lightens up your mood and makes you happy when you come home after a long hectic day. Having an aesthetic, comfortable, and decorated bedroom will help you catch those crucial hours of peaceful sleep. 

This guide should’ve helped you enhance your knowledge on tips and tricks to glorify your bedroom and make it more luxurious. Why wait further? Plan a bedroom makeover today!