Home Remodeling

Tips To Clean the room

Fortunately, the disorder of the room is usually superficial, although it is easy to be disturbed. It is something that works out with 15 minutes, a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner. Pass it last to collect dust that has fallen during cleaning. Below we give some important tips for cleaning the room.

Tips To Clean the room


Open the window to get fresh air. You can also light a scented candle or add a natural aroma air freshener.

Remove the crumbs

You may not have time to vacuum the sofas and armchairs, but remove the crumbs by picking them up with a microfiber cloth just moistened.

Order audiovisual equipment

Put it in its proper place. Do not leave the games out of their boxes, as they will catch dust. Pass a cloth to the TV: Use a dampened microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints marked on the TV screen. Keep toys: Put the children’s toys in a trunk or in a large storage box and hold it. Clean sticky toys with a damp microfiber cloth.

Clean the mirrors

Use a slightly moistened microfiber cloth to wipe the mirrors. Add a droplet of dishwasher if it is persistent marks. Sort surfaces: He carries cups and glasses into the kitchen, places the books on the shelves, and tucks the magazines into the magazine rack. Accommodate furniture: Straight sofas, armchairs and carpets. If you have light blankets, fold them and leave them on the backs of armchairs and sofas or on the armrests.

Dust quickly: Use a wet microfiber cloth to attack dusty places such as shelves, photo frames, and lamp screens. Spend it on the floor and carpets and focus on the most busy areas, such as the door and in front of the sofa. If you have time, remove the sofa and remove the dust from behind.