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Top Cleaning Tips for Leather Furniture and Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

We all know that leather furniture is awesome and it looks great, but the other side of the coin is the fact that it’s quite hard to maintain and to clean. In the end it will all be worth it when you will have a modern leather bench looking sharp even in 30 years’ time. It can be really a chore to take care of it, but thankfully we prepared a list of top 5 cleaning tips for leather furniture.

  1. Clean up fast.

It happens to all of us to spill something on the sofa or bench, so it’s not the end of the world. However, the trick here is to clean up what you spilled as soon as you can. The best solution is to use a soft cloth to wipe the liquid, and then leave it to air dry. You will end up with a perfect furniture item, instead of a stained one if you wait too long until you wipe it.

  1. Don’t use harsh materials.

If you’re going to clean up your leather furniture, don’t use harsh materials on it. Choose only a soft cloth that doesn’t have dirt or other small debris on it. These can damage the leather and you’ll end up with scratches everywhere, when all you wanted to do was to clean it up. Besides the imperfections you’ll create, it will also be an opportunity for microbes to grow, which is totally unhealthy. As such, remember to remove any debris or dust that is already on the furniture.

  1. Do not use cleaners!

Never-ever use chemical cleaners! Ammonia and alkaline, the compounds found in chemical cleaners can do some irreversible damage to your leather furniture item. If you absolutely have to, you can use some mild soap which is safe to use, but you should at least test it first on a small hidden portion of the leather if you want to be on the safe side.

  1. Tend to the scratches.

Okay, the inevitable happened and you did scratch the leather somehow. Now what? There are countless ways of tending to a leather scratch with care. Rub it with your fingertips and it should go away. If it doesn’t, it means that the scratch is too deep. Alternatively, you can use a can of shoe polish that matches the color of the leather to fill in the scratch.

  1. Don’t keep it in the sun.

Direct sunlight is a known enemy of leather, since it will dry it out. As a result, it will crack and it will lose its color in time. Don’t place a leather bench on a sun porch, for example, but rather in the shade in order to protect it.