The Charm of Having a Pink Bathroom

Do you love the color pink?  Your in good company, in 2016 the The Pantone Institute declared that pink quartz was the color of the year along with a soft blue with lavender shade they called Serenity a beautiful foamy blue color. We don’t often think of pink for decorating except perhaps in classic castles and palaces in France, or the 50s pink scene or 1920s style decor or a young girls room.

Pink is a color that is often associated with the feminine and considered soft delicate and ethereal. But the varying ranges of pink from a light nearly white hue to a more intense fuchsia give a strong palette to work with when decorating.  And you can use pink in an “adult” gender neutral manner that will look great and provide just the right touch for your bathroom.

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude! Miley Cyrus

When considering what hue to go with you will want to start thinking about what other  colors you are going to combine in your bathroom. If you choose a soft and clear rose quartz, you can achieve elegant combinations with subtle grays or blacks or if you have a more modern home go with something more dynamic like the Serenity blue suggested by the Pantone Institute.  If you love pastels and the warm bright feeling they bring to a room pink can be a fun base color to built off for your overall color approach.

Where Do You Apply Pink in the Bathroom?

The first obvious answer would be on the walls.  If your wanting to go with a strong ping tone and feel then the walls are the first obvious choice.  You might also consider tile perhaps in the floor in a pattern of some type or decorative tile in the sink or shower area.  Decorative tile companies provide a range of options from classic looks to the more modern subway tiles in this delicate pink tones.

You can also take an approach of more neutral colors for the main elements of the bathroom including walls, floors, etc.  Then use a combination of wall decorations, wall accents, and other accessories to bring out the color pink with out dominating the overall room.  If you have a large enough bathroom consider some pink accent furnishings.  A pink chair might do the trick or small mirror and table with subtle pink tones.   A few ideas:

  • A small ping neon sign – yes pink neon
  • Pink chair
  • Pink towels
  • Pink trim coloring
  • Pink window treatments
  • Pink flower treatments
  • Pink light fixtures
  • and on and on

If you want pink you can add it easily in just the right touches and tones in just the right spots.  Pink doesn’t have to be a color to be shied away from in your decorating approach.  You can bring the right tone and feel to your bathroom with the right plan.  Get some paint samples, some tile samples and see what your creative genius can come up with to make your bathroom have just the right feel.