Daring to Decorate with Pink

Pink on interior decoration has always been associated with female babies, children and teenage girls, or female adults who love Hello Kitty. This is the reason why blending in pink with home design can be tricky. However, this hue can be chic instead of being overtly feminine or childlike, especially now that men are becoming bolder with exploring the color pink. You only need to choose the right shades and right accessories to suit any color palette and any interior design styles.

Start by adding pink accessories like pillows, drapes or rugs1. Start by adding pink accessories like pillows, drapes or rugs.

You don’t have to go all pink all around the room when choosing to use this color for your interior. If you are afraid of commitment or if you are not ready for a pink overhaul, incorporate this color in temporary stuff first like accessories. Pink accent pillows bring a fun accent to a grey living room sofa. An all-white interior could get a hint of chic color with blush pink drapes. A pink throw rug can liven up a neutral space or wooden floor. Start from there and you might find yourself buying pink couches and cabinets!

2. Dare to paint your wall with fuchsia pink.

If you’re getting tired of the monotony of life, do something bold by painting your walls fuchsia! It’s a dashing and fun color that is sure to liven up any space, especially bedrooms and living areas. You can choose to combine it with orange, teal, crimson and gold to create a striking and youthful effect; or tone it down by combining it with black, chocolate brown, pale gray and creamy white.

3. Pick pink statement furniture.

You don’t need to be too girly to go for a pink statement couch for your living room or a pink statement bed for your room. The pink accent might work best on contemporary-styled or modern homes, where a touch of pink is unexpected. Infusing color into a plain room with pink furnishings gives a visual contrast to your space.

4. Accentuate your room with pink flowers.

For your shabby chic, Scandinavian, contemporary, or any other neutral-styled home, pink flowers like roses and peonies would make a great accent. They prettify any neutral space. You may choose to go for a vintage look with blush pink flowers, or the spring feel with carnation and burgundy flowers.

5. Add cool pink accessories.

Add some mini figurines in pink for a dainty look for your dining area. Hang a bright pink wall art as a centerpiece for your home office. Use pink textiles for blankets, pillowcases or curtains on your bedroom. Add shimmering pink candles and candleholders on your living room. Place pink ceramics and pink decorations clustered together in your room divider. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pink décor for they surely bring interest to any unadorned space.

6. Paint your wall with blush pink.

If you want to keep a room subtle while still making a statement, try painting your walls with blush pink (or Millennial pink, as we know today). It creates a calming effect to otherwise neutral space and gives a cool, trendy look that suits pieces of furniture that are either bright and popping or calm and subdued.

7. Mix pink with metallics.

Have you noticed that rose gold and copper look so cool nowadays? It’s because they blend so nicely with blush pink. That subtle shade of pink matching with metallic did not only work on iPhones, Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics, or Nike’s Chrome Blush collection – it has also infiltrated the world of interior design, too.  Add a metallic copper vase, lamp or picture frame to decorate your pink room. It creates a visual appeal any millennial would love.

8. Mix and match pink and patterns.

Match pink with leopard prints, stripes, polka dots or florals to create interesting effects. Lighten up the strong look of a leopard-printed blanket with pink pillows, and your striped wallpaper with a pink dresser. Florals and polka dot patterns look good in pink themselves, and it’s great to use in wallpapers and textiles, too.

9. Make your kitchen look cooler with pink.

Who says pink must only be a theme color for bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms? You can transform your kitchen into a place all guests would admire for uniqueness by painting your cabinets pink, and by using pink appliances. Retro appliances in pastel shades are in right now, so get your refrigerator, mixers, blenders, ovens and even pots in pink.

10. Make a statement with a pink neon sign.

Embrace the Hollywood style by getting a modern neon sign for your bedroom, living room, or anywhere in your house – there’s really no rules on where to use this. It would especially look great on your mini bar or cocktail area if you’re the type of person who loves to host house parties.

Do something to make yourself feel good about your home and try these tips. Show that you are in with today’s trends by decorating with pink!