Maximizing the Use of Space in a Small Bathroom

The small spaces in our homes are always the most challenging part to decorate and make the most out of their square meters. In this article, we will talk about the bathroom: a place in the house where the fixtures usually occupy the most of the area. Sometimes, homeowners end up having a small bathroom due to lot restrictions, budget constraints and other reasons, but there are different ways on how to make your bathroom look much bigger without needing major upgrades. Here are some helpful tips:

Only choose furniture with size proportionate to the space1. Only choose furniture with size proportionate to the space.

For bathrooms, the best furniture to pick are those that are suspended on the wall – they won’t leave any dead space in the bathroom. Optimize the bathroom space by taking advantage of the wall height by using cabinets that reach almost to the ceiling. Shelving and using your vertical surfaces is the secret to maximizing space in a small bathroom. For example, a good corner to locate one would be the wall above the toilet. Give it the same color as the walls so it does not look heavy for the eyes. Putting storage areas on the wall would give you a clear floor to enhance space and facilitate easier cleaning.

But also, using up extra floor space would be very helpful. If your sink doesn’t have a cabinet underneath, install one or replace it with one that has a storage cabinet below. If you’re planning to replace your sink, also choose one that has countertops to give additional space for items often used.

Use glass2. Use glass.

To create the illusion of greater depth in the bathroom, replace your shower curtains or frosted glass shower doors with clear glass partitions. This will open up shower space so that it would look like a part of the entire bathroom, showing the appearance of the overall area. If it seems very revealing and uncomfortable, you can always apply a strip of etched glass to create an opaque part of the glass. Add a custom shower pan to compliment your existing tile.

Also, adding mirrors to cabinets, countertops and vanities can create an expansive feeling to a small room. Using large mirrors will reflect wall colors and provide the same illusion.

Use light colors3. Use light colors.

Light, pale or soft colors on the wall and floors create the illusion of space. Going for deeper and stronger colors could only make the room appear even smaller; so, avoid using it except on accessories, decorations and towels.

Bring more light into the room4. Bring more light into the room.

We are talking about illumination now here. Whether it’s natural or artificial, making the bathroom receive more light would make it look larger as well. If you can, install a bigger window. A bay window would be great as the alcove could also provide more storage space. Perhaps, a small window outside the shower area, or a glass-block window will do. If you can’t install more windows, at least open up the curtains.

Meanwhile, when using artificial light, installing recessed lighting is the best option. It is unobtrusive, it won’t make the ceiling look shorter and it can be placed to locations (like the vanity area) where you need light focused on a task.

Embellish lightly and use dual-purpose accessories5. Embellish lightly and use dual-purpose accessories.

If you want to expand a small ceiling, you can consider installing a crown molding of just the right width. It gives a ‘royal’ feel to any space, making it look larger and grander.

When accessorizing your bathroom, don’t overdo it. Limit purely decorative items to avoid taking up useful space. As much as possible, choose accessories that are also functional and useable. For instance, you can get some eye-catching soap dispensers and holders, or maybe decorative towel racks and hooks for hanging items. You can also use some cute and fancy boxes, tin cans or bowls for storing different bathroom items.