Decorating with Glitter

Glitter adds glamor to almost anything. Perhaps you’ve seen your kids add glitter to their projects, but using it doesn’t always have to stop in childhood.  As a mom, you can make use of a dash of glitter and a piece of your imagination to create fantastic, sparkly decorations for your home.

Here are some decorating ideas using glitter for decorating your home:

1. Vases

Add a touch of sparkle to your centerpieces with glitter. Flowers beautify your interior, but you can prettify it even more if you would use a glittery vase! Use big glass jars or medium-sized glass containers to transform into a sparkly vase. Apply an even coat of Mod Podge on the interior walls of the vase then dump in a generous amount of glitter. Roll the vase in your hands to spread it evenly over the Mod Podge and then let it dry. Scoop up the excess glitter for reuse.

2. Picture frame

Why stick with boring, wooden photo frames on the wall? Make it a little less traditional and a little more girly for your daughter’s bedroom by adding glitter! Pick an old frame you’d like to transform, spray paint it with silver, gold or any color of choice, and then spray it with a coat of tacky spray. Sprinkle it with glitter with the same color as the spray paint. Keep dry and display with your favorite photo or typography.

3. Wallpaper

If you like all things sparkly when you were a child, putting up shimmering walls might be your ultimate decorating goal. But now you are more mature, probably you want to make it classier, so do it with glitter wallpaper. It’s easy to order and easy to install, plus you can choose from a variety of styles – modern, traditional, metallic, contemporary or all-out bright and sparkly. There are also many patterns to choose from, such as floral, brick, chevron, ombre and more.

4. Banner

For special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, Christmas or if you just want to make a statement your home, try to use a glittery banner. Print your desired message on a backward manner on card stock (must be backward so that the print side would not show through the glitter side), then cut it out. If you want to hang it on the wall, tape some strings on the backside before adding glitter. Cover your table or workstation with Kraft paper, put on a layer of Mod Podge with a paintbrush on the cutouts, and then sprinkle some glitter. Wait for it to dry, shake off excess glitter on the Kraft paper and keep it back on its container. Hang and get the attention of your guests!

5. Votive candle holder

Candles really suit winter nights. The chilly situation calls of some sparkle and light, and you can achieve it by creating a pretty votive candle holder. Pick up some plain glass votives, or your shot glasses, and plan a design. By using a double-sided tape, apply strips to the glass to make spiral patterns, plaid lines, simple stripes or any design you like. Rub your fingernails before peeling out the paper backing on the tape so that it would adhere properly. After removing the paper, pour generous amounts of fine glitter and pat it with a dry paintbrush to distribute it well. Shake off excess glitter. You may want to put a coat of clear varnish over the glitter to protect it from being removed.

6. Wine bottles

Sometimes, wine bottles are too pretty to just throw away. Instead of dumping them in your garage or tossing it to the recycle bin, transform them into sparkling bottles to bring accent to your home. Paint your bottle using spray paint or craft paint. Once dry, draw the desired pattern with glue of Mod Podge, and then sprinkle on your glitter of choice. You may also apply glitter to the whole bottle and let it dry completely. It can be a decoration in itself, but you may also add flowers, ribbons, branches or other embellishments.

7. Garden tools

Brighten up the idea of spring cleaning by adding some glitter on your rakes, trowels, brooms, mops, and shovels. Pick a color palette, in which one shade must be glitter. Try spring color combinations like pastel teal, coral rose and gold. On your tool handle, stick a piece of painter’s tape at the point where you want the color or glitter to end. Long tools can be sparkled up by a foot of color or glitter, and short gardening tools can make use of four inches on the handle for an accent. Use acrylic paint for painting colors, and use Mod Podge for plus glitter for adding shimmer. Apply some spray shellac to protect the coat of paint and glitter. Finally, remove the painter’s paint.

8. Chevron wall art

So you want to put something on your blank wall, but you don’t want to spend a lot? Add a shimmering modern art by making a glittered chevron pattern on a blank canvas. Cut out a stencil in the chevron pattern on an old piece of cardboard. Hold the stencil in place and stick strips of painters tape on where the stripes should be. Then, use spray adhesive on the canvas and sprinkle on the glitter. Let it dry for ten minutes before shaking off excess glitter and carefully remove the painter’s tape. Secure the design by spraying a coat of sealant on the entire canvas. Wait for it to dry before hanging it on the wall.

These decorating ideas with glitter are so easy to do – you might even get your kids to get down and shimmery with you while creating them. Have fun doing them and enjoy the sparkly view.