Decorating Ideas for Shotgun Style Houses

Over history, shotgun homes have gone in and out of fashion. Now that people are downgrading to save space and expenses, having a shotgun house is a practical solution, says Blue Mountain Real Estate. A shotgun house has a long, narrow, rectangular layout in which each room leads to the next. It … Read more

Decorating Ideas for a gallery in a hacienda style home

hacienda style home

The ranch-style houses first appeared in the 1920s and often have a single floor with a distribution in the form of L or U. Many ranch style homes have no gallery, or if they do, it is a small area just before the gate. The gallery style and decorative elements you choose to help improve a space to be and to have visitors.

hacienda style home

Gallery closed

One option for the gallery hacienda style home is close to net. this helps to protect the guests of insects and other elements. A flat concrete decorative resist all the rain that pass the net. You can place more seats with this type of design gallery, so you can choose a wicker chair in this area for a comfortable grouping. A sleeping gallery is an alternative that lets you have a screened sun porch immediately outside a front room as the main room. This type of gallery is visible from the front of the house but it will be more private than one that comes out of the front door.

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Types of Stoves

Gas stoves

The stove is the most common and simplest kitchen appliance. Though there are a lot of various cookers nowadays, the stove is and will probably always be a staple – your pots and pans would be useless without them. Stoves are really simple to use and there are many different types of … Read more