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Thanksgiving Dining Decorating Ideas

If you were tasked to be the host for Thanksgiving, it’s up to you to make it special and make…

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Decorating with a Leather Couch

A leather couch is a classic furnishing that can match almost any home design style. It’s a timeless, versatile piece…

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Plantation Style Decorating Ideas

  If you like to achieve the tropic vibe but you’re not inclined to the South Beach pastels, the plantation…

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Decorating Ideas for Shotgun Style Houses

Over history, shotgun homes have gone in and out of fashion. Now that people are downgrading to save space and…

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Decorating Ideas for a gallery in a hacienda style home

The ranch-style houses first appeared in the 1920s and often have a single floor with a distribution in the form…

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Types of Stoves

The stove is the most common and simplest kitchen appliance. Though there are a lot of various cookers nowadays, the…

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