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Decorating ideas for the home plantation style

The planting porches are typically associated with Southern architecture and particularly with large plantation style houses built during the Victorian era. The porches in these types of homes can be spacious, with open air wrapping around the front and side of the house, or porch can be protected glass or screen mesh verandas. Anyway, the southern plantation style porches are designed for living and are often considered another room of the house.

The back wall of a plantation porch shared with the exterior of the house should remain so, but the ceilings and floors are an important aspect porch decoration. Traditionally, the porch roof planting – specifically the open air veranda type – have a dark painted ceiling. The planting porches usually have high ceilings and ceiling painted in forest green, dark blue, dark red or brown adds a touch of confinement. Floor porch plantation is also painted in dark color but not in a soothing neutral color, typically a bright gray.

Decorating ideas

Lights and lighting are important decorations for a plantation porch because the family spends a lot of quality time on the porch during the hot summer months. Panels that are part of a ceiling fan is ideal for planting porches to maintain comfort. Stylish lamps on the walls and lamps on side tables create a homely atmosphere. At night, thick candles that are placed in candlesticks or multiple tables can help repel insects .

Because the plantation porch is used as if it were a room over the house – with family members spending a good deal of time in the summer there – the furniture should be attractive and comfortable. The furnishings are traditional wicker, but the pieces of wood that are normally considered work well for indoor planting on the porch, by the extension of the porch area. Small dining sets of table and chairs, comfortable stuffed chairs, sofas and even day beds are furniture welcome.

No plantation porch decoration is complete without at least a large potted fern on either the floor or on a stand or in a hanging pot. The bigger the porch, more ferns and potted plants are desirable. Along the outer edge of your porch planting, plant shrubs and plants that emit pleasant scents, such as gardenias, jasmine, honeysuckle and climbing roses.

As in the inner rooms, accessories make everything look and conjuncts. With the appearance of heavy furniture porch of a plantation may have coordinating blankets and pillows, you add an air of lightness and casual. Carpets are often found under the tables with flower arrangements on the table.