Thanksgiving Dining Decorating Ideas

If you were tasked to be the host for Thanksgiving, it’s up to you to make it special and make it the Thanksgiving party to remember. As you prepare for an exciting holiday, there are so much to do, so much to cook, so much to decorate. You’ve probably figured out your menu to serve and the decorations to add for your dining area. But sometimes, how you will present your dinner beautifully and uniquely becomes a challenge. Here are some Thanksgiving dining decorating ideas that can spice up your dining table.

1. Start with a good table runner

For an easy way to redecorate your dining table, get a good-quality table runner and display it in your table. It will not only serve as a place for serving all your delicious food, but it can surely add pops of color, pattern or texture to the dining table, which eventually adds to its beauty. Table runners are pretty inexpensive, so it won’t cost you much to upgrade.

2. Make your own floral arrangement

Not all flowers are blooming during autumn, so make it a good opportunity to display your other favorites to the dining table. Flowers like chrysanthemum, pansies, dianthus, asters, black-eyed susan and violas bloom in the fall and make pretty charming floral display. Carve a pumpkin and make it a vase to make it even more natural and unique.

3. Be creative with pumpkins

Pumpkins are a staple decoration during autumn events such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. Mini pumpkins are especially cute, and they work well as a table decoration. They are cute enough on their own, but you can paint them in different colors and you’ll get an adorable Thanksgiving decoration. Limit your colors to a two to three-color scheme and make sure the colors match or complement the colors of your dinnerware, table cloth and table runner.

4. Don’t forget to add some candles

Candles create an intimate and romantic dining table vibe. Whether you choose tea lights or tall candlesticks, it will help light up the table and beautify your décor. It’s best if you mix and match colors and heights to achieve a great look. Also, remember to go for unscented candles, so it won’t mix with the aroma of your food.

5. Decorate with fresh fruit

The fall season is a harvest season, which gives you fresh fruits like cranberries, apples and persimmons. Decorate your dining table, especially the table runner, with these seasonal favorites and let your guests eat them or take some home after the party.

6. Add pops of metallic

Thanksgiving Dining Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving is often a lavish occasion when you serve a lot more food than you usually serve. To make the décor suit the lavishness of the holiday, add some pops of metallic colors such as gold, silver, copper or a mix of different metals to make things look pricier. You can add touches of these colors through candle holders, cups, chargers, cutlery, vase or napkin rings. But of all the metallics, gold is especially the most fitting. Just a bit is enough – you don’t want to overdose with the shine.

7. Use plate chargers or placemats to decorate

If you’ll be using a classic set of china or your plain old dinnerware, the simplest way to transform your table setting is to use unique plate chargers. These plate chargers must be larger than your plates, so that they frame your dishes nicely, while adding some pattern or color to the edge of the plate. If chargers aren’t your thing, you can use placemats to create a different look.

8. Experiment with colors

When it’s Thanksgiving, orange, yellow, brown and golds are the go-to colors of choice when decorating and picking dinnerware. But you can be free to play with shades like blue, bright green, indigo and purple to create a whole new atmosphere. These colors can also help make your traditional earth tones pop.

9. Decorate your table with fresh greens

Collect aromatic herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary, ivy, maple leaves, branches of eucalyptus and any other greenery and display them on the center on top of a runner. Make some fall flower arrangement or gather a collection of pinecones to use as centerpiece décor. Sometimes, a rustic and understated basket of fresh greenery with pine cones make a perfect centerpiece.

10. Use napkin rings

Don’t forget to complete your dining table with napkin rings. Whether your napkins are made of cloth or paper, a napkin ring can complete the look and add a special touch to your dinner setting. You can simply tie the napkins up using twine and decorate with fresh cuts of wheat or berries, or perhaps acorn and sage. This little extra detail can add a lot of polish and beauty to your table setting.