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Decorating ideas Leather furniture

Leather furniture can give an elegant, sophisticated and classy look to your home. As durable as attractive, Leather furniture is a great choice if you have children or pets. Decorating articles about leather in neutral colors is as simple as adding a variety of textures and touches of color. If your furniture leather are black or dark brown, give light to use accessories colorful bold as pillows and contrasting fabrics such as linen and cotton.

leather furniture

The contrasting colors and textures
Clarifies furniture leather dark using accessories in a variety of colors and textures. On chairs and sofas leather cushions with soft tones used as blue, yellow and orange butter and designs opaque color neutral as spirals, stripes and chess square. For a sophisticated look, stands furniture leather black with white carpets, cushions and curtains; Put vases of red roses freshly cut to give a touch of color. For a contrast smooth leather, buy a coffee table with wrought iron legs with lots of texture, or Arrange a raffia mat.


Soft fabrics
Furniture leather give your home a bold look, so that softens the space with plush fabrics. Put a blanket over your couch chenille leather or transparent curtains hanging cotton to catch the breezes. Choose a comfortable fabric covered ottoman to go with a saddle leather . Break the pattern of leather using clean linen curtains. If you have hardwood floors, put a shag rug on the floor to add comfort and warmth to the space.

Wooden articles
Wooden tables and decor furniture will balance leather main. Create a classic style room library to use armchairs leather with dark coffee tables and shelves of maple or cherry. Hang or put potted green plants to give color to the space. To give light to a room with furniture leather dark, choose coffee and side tables made ​​of oak or other light woods. Make other natural elements for a rich look. Choose a coffee table with glass or tile stone or lamp with wooden base that has a screen of stained glass.