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Decorating Ideas for shotgun style houses

A staple of the southern United States architecture, is the simple home-style shotgun, which derives its name from the fact that you could shoot a gun straight through the front door and make the bullet sailed to the door back without hitting a wall. The humble shotgun style homes are regaining popularity due to its small size conjoined with practicality and efficiency, however, true that decorating these homes can be a challenge.

A decorating dilemma
The only distribution of traditionally styled shotgun house has three bedrooms and up to 5, one after the other, without corridors or other transitional space. Additionally, most of the houses in this style do not have cabinets or virtually any space storage , which means that solutions to this problem often become a feature of the decoration. In summary, the decorating decisions focus on creating smooth transitions that do not impede the passage between the rooms and incorporate forms of storage intelligent.

shotgun style houses

Favoring transitions
Quite possibly the most important decision you will make when decorating a shotgun style house is the way to make the transition between rooms. If each of them are open to the other, this becomes more important. To create transitions between rooms that are easily assimilated by the eye, uses the same type of tile on the floor and paint all rooms in the same color or choose complementary shades. Likewise, lay hold of complementary colors and furniture of similar style and accessories in all rooms to unify the whole .



Cleaning up the mess
If you are a person who like to have many objects of art in your decor, can a shotgun style house not be ideal for you. The key to decorating a small space like this is to keep the decorative elements to a minimum to avoid a cluttered look. Choose furniture that fulfill a dual function, such as a set of ottomans that serve as seats or tables and both have room for storage or shelves that can hold the TV and other electronics. Use recessed buttresses or help you to increase the illumination of the furniture and floor lights. The drop-leaf tables can provide extra dining space that can be easily stored when not needed. Remember that when it is a shotgun style house, a portion of each room is essentially hallway so that these areas should be free of obstacles.


Creating Storage Spaces
Perhaps the greatest challenge of shotgun style home decor is a lack of closets and other spaces for storage . This problem becomes bigger when you consider that the bedrooms are open to the rest of the house. If you choose wardrobes in the upper parts instead of using common, comfortable closets and chests will give you more floor space to move and also more space to store your clothes and accessories. It is also a good idea to raise the beds floor to use the space below for storage. In the kitchen, choose to use large baskets and other containers that can be placed on top of the cabinets to store items that you use every day. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling or walls to maximize space in the kitchen cabinets. For living rooms, lean for furniture that you provide place to store such as multipurpose ottomans, tables and several multi-level shelves where you can place the items you need most.