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New design electric stove

Modular, high-tech, new electric stove and honeycomb with three sizes of burners and two commands. An ideal team to compose a really distinct cuisine . This is a true innovation for kitchens . This new product can create a sophisticated new concept in kitchen design for their characteristic modular .

The cooking elements are hexagonal pieces, electric stoves , which combine together at their sides composing a “honeycomb”. One module centralizes digital controls. Original and practical stove, new concept and proposed aesthetic design. To view different designs of kitchen and equipment follow this link, you will find a list of relevant content organized for easy reference .

new design electric

Electric stove burners
It forms a harmonious and beautiful for modern kitchens certainly very original. Equipment cleaning and maintenance easy. If you are looking for a cooktop differentiated design for modern kitchen, look no further than this Küppersbusch honeycomb cooktop .

Vitreous surface forming a honeycomb electric stoves
These cooktops can integrate virtually any countertop , whatever their material and provide any flexibility you could want. You choose the number of elements and the design or ideal composition. The controls can be placed in the center on a separate unit , in a way that is easy to access.

Electric burner hexagonal module
The controls are touch sensitive and very easy to maintain hygiene, put the domain of the cooktop to your fingertips. The cooking zones are designed to make cooking one real pleasure. This new machine gives all the benefits of an electronic electric stove . Do not miss the new electrical induction cooktop free surface, also published in this blog houses architecture. In the list below are a handful of postings chosen for the visit.

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