Makeup Organization- Ways to Encourage Little Hands from Keeping Out

Have you ever been in a situation where your baby is all dressed up and beautiful looking on your return home? Well, the black colour blush, pink contour, and brown eyelashes are all you see on one side, and your expensive makeup kit spill on the other.

While it may fantasize you to see your princess all dressed and decked up, you pray that your child never does that again and destroy it. Nevertheless, your worst nightmare is your children consuming your makeup. And that’s when you realize how vital makeup organization is for you.

While you believe that organizing our skincare and makeup can be challenging, this holds, especially when you have the task of keeping the same away from your children. Whether it’s the bins, makeup bags, or drawers, know that the maxims for organizing things vary from one person to the other.

Thus, to ease your stress, below are some ways of organizing your makeup in the best manner so that your efforts in keeping those little hands out. Let’s get going with discovering what these are:

  • New Drawers:

A full-proof way of keeping your skincare and makeup out of your three-or-four-year-old is to keep them away from their sight. After all, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” holds the truest in this situation.

For example, suppose your child sees something that they haven’t seen before. In that case, their curiosity is most likely to increase to unmatchable levels. And, your princess may want to see, touch, or even apply your expensive makeup, which is not too safe for their skin.

Thus, keep all your makeup and tools in drawers. By doing so, you’ll be able to achieve a clean yet an organized look.

  • Compact Bags:

Using bags for organizing your makeup products and keeping these away from your children is another convenient option. Or, you can also use child-resistant packaging for keeping your children from and applying your makeup.

These bags come with pre-printed warnings and have a press-n-seal zipper for adequately sealing the bag. With these, your child won’t be able to open up the bag, which in turn will help you keep both your child and makeup pretty safe.

You can also select bags that have particular compartments for eyeshadows, makeup brushes, lipsticks, and more. What’s even better about these bags is that they are not only practical but have an excellent chic look to fit in your wardrobe with complete ease.

  • Small Bins:

Do you already have drawers? If yes, irrespective of whether it’s a desk, a unit, or a desk, it is pretty easy for your children to get your stuff out or unorganized it at the same place.

Therefore, finding stackable bins seems like a good option. It helps organize your skincare and other vital makeup products by item. Know that these can be a moisturizer, a foundation, or mascara.

You can also put lockers on your drawers if you worry about your child spilling these products. You may want to say that it’s a severe or aggressive solution, but know that guarantees your child from getting your stuff.

The Verdict

Some other ways for organizing your makeup and keeping it away from those little hands are mason jars, beauty coolers, and clear containers. However, compact and child-resistant bags are every mommy’s favorite. It is because these fit into any space and are convenient to carry.

What ways do you employ for keeping your child away from your beauty products? Share your thoughts in the comments section!