Top Ten Herbs: Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm, Health Benefits and Side Effects, Food and Nutrition, Growing

Lemon balm, also known as balm mint, is a prolific perennial herb that belongs to the mint family. Its scientific name is Melissa officinalis. The leaves have a lemony scent. It is very attractive to honeybees. Health Benefits and Side Effects Lemon balm has been used traditionally for a long time for … Read more

Top Ten Herbs: Thyme

Thyme has been used since ancient days for a variety of applications. It is aromatic and it has a distinctive scent. There are several species that are used for food and medicinal purposes, including Thymus citriodorus which has a citrusy flavor and scent, T. herba-barona which has a caraway scent, and T. … Read more

Top Ten Herbs: Dandelion

Top Ten Herbs: Dandelion

Dandelions are well known and easily recognized. The common one is either Taraxacum officinale or T. erythrospermum. Many people consider them weeds to be killed and eliminated from the yard. However, dandelions are not only bright and cheerful, they draw pollinators, and they are also immensely edible, and useful for health purposes, … Read more

Top Ten Herbs: Lavender

Lavender grows as an evergreen shrub and it is a part of the mint family. Its flowers are the color we tend to associate with the word. It is common to find lavender in perfumes, makeup, and medicine, as well as some foods. Lavender is known for its recognizable scent and its … Read more

Top Ten Herbs: Echinacea

When people talk about herbal remedies for treatment and prevention of colds and flu, echinacea will often be suggested. This herb is a flowering daisy-family plant, also known as coneflowers. They grow in central and eastern North America and bloom throughout the summer. There are ten different species of echinacea. The ones … Read more

Top Ten Herbs: Oregano

Top Ten Herbs Oregano

One of the more common spices used especially in Italian dishes is oregano. A part of the mint family, oregano is also related to marjoram. Oregano has a thyme-like taste that adds much flavor and is aromatic. It is also common to find oregano oil extracted for medicinal use. Health Benefits and … Read more

Grow Your Herbs Indoors

Grow Your Herbs Indoors

Everyone does not have the luxury of opening a garden or a yard. Many people live in apartments and rentals that either do not have outdoor gardens or are not allowed one. Despite these restrictions, they can still grow their own herbs if they want to. They can have a small one … Read more

Top Ten Herbs: Turmeric

Herbs are plants that are used for such things as medicine, flavoring, food, or scent. Herbs have become much more popular as their uses have become more well known. Most herbs can be cultivated at home, either in an outdoor garden or inside in a pot or windowsill planter, making them a … Read more

Yard and Garden Perennial Flowers: Interesting Facts about Daisies

Daisies are one of the most dainty and pretty flowers in the world. But don’t think that daisies are all looks and no substance. Because they’re versatile, hardy, and have several symbolisms. Which is why daisies are the fifth most popular flower in the world. However, when most people think of daisies, … Read more

Yard and Garden Perennial Flowers: Essential Guide to Hydrangeas

Everything about these showy shrubs makes them the delight of summer blooms. Hydrangeas are perennial flowers that are considered to be long-living shrubs that bloom almost all summer long and even up until fall. In this article, we are going to give you a guide to all things hydrangea. From the description … Read more

Yard and Garden Perennial Flowers: Guide to Planting Daylilies

If we were to name plants that are tough as nails, then only a few can beat daylilies because they always come back year after year. Daylilies are incredibly hardy plants; they are drought-tolerant, even if they are still in their early stages. They can put up with a few weeks, and … Read more

Yard and Garden Perennial Flowers Quick Facts About Chrysanthemums

chrysanthemum with different colors

Chrysanthemums are attractive flowering plants that many gardeners and flower enthusiasts choose as a part of their gardens and homes. One of the main reasons why several people want to grow Chrysanthemums because they are bright and pretty flowers that come in many colors. Chrysanthemums are herbaceous plants which means that they … Read more