Home Office Ideas for Moms

The pandemic has brought a drastic change in the way we live. Many of us are forced to sit at our homes and perform all the important functions from within. Even when the world stopped, a lot of us kept working, and for many of us, the best option was to “work from home.” 

It can be quite challenging for a woman, especially a mom, to work from home as it can be hard to find the right motivation and energy to be productive in both home and work-related tasks. With your family and kids around at all times, it can be hard to focus on your work without being interrupted by home activities. 

If you think that you are the only one who is scared of the thought of working from home while your children are running around you, you are wrong because there are so many mothers out there who find it overwhelming to bring the two worlds together. 

If your kids are young, they may require extra time and attention from you, making it even more challenging for you to manage work. Between all the Zoom/Skype calls, endless emails, and the immense workload, it can be a nightmare to look after your kids simultaneously. 

Many schools worldwide are still following the online teaching system, which means that your kids will be spending much more time at home. It can also be a blessing in disguise as it can provide you more time to spend with your kids and strengthen your bond with them. But this is only possible if you manage your work and home hours correctly. 

Reading this blog might activate your panic mode, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about because we are here to help you. 

Tips for a Successful Home Office Experience

1. A Proper Schedule Always Helps

A Proper Schedule Always Helps

If you want to avoid being entangled between your home tasks and office tasks, the best idea is to separate your office hours and home hours. This requires proper and careful scheduling to prevent any sort of disturbance in the given tasks. 

You have to decide a specific time and duration for each of your tasks, whether your office work or your activities with the kids. The most important point to decide is the duration of your office hours. How long do you need to work? You should make sure that your office hours should not exceed or differ from the ones you put on the schedule. This can disrupt your entire schedule and affect your time and activities with your kids. 

No matter what people say but working from home has its own benefits. It provides a lot of flexibility in the way you work. You can take self-designed breaks to eat, watch Netflix, clean your house, or play with your kids without being answerable to anyone. And the biggest advantage of all is that you don’t have to worry about what you wear. You can literally attend meetings and work all day long wearing your pajamas. 

2. Keep Your Kids Busy While You Are Working

Keep Your Kids Busy While You Are Working

If you want your kids not to disturb you while you work, you should better get them something that keeps them busy. With the whole family at home, your little ones might think that it is a vacation and will demand all your time and attention. It is important to explain to them the actual situation and about your work as well. 

You can train them by using signs and actions to help them understand that you are working. If your little ones are old enough to read, hang signs on your door or working area so they can understand that you are working. This way, they would not approach you for every little thing. 

With little babies in the house, it is wise to have someone help you look after them while you work. This person can be your spouse, your mother, your older children, or a caretaker who can take good care of your baby while you are busy with your meetings and office tasks. 

Also, engage your children in productive activities and games to help them stay entertained and make the most of their time at home. There are many interesting games available on the market that can be quite amusing for your kids. 

You can hand them certain activities to help them learn new things. In this way, you can work in peace knowing that your kids are engaged in productive activities and are having a good time.

3. Take out Some Time for Yourself

Take out Some Time for Yourself

By now, we have established that there are several benefits of working from home, one of which is taking out time for yourself. But this can be challenging for our moms as their job never seems to end even after their working hours are up. Working from home while taking care of your kids at the same time can be exhausting, leaving no time for you to take a break from everything and treat yourself. 

Even though moms are no less than superheroes, they still need breaks and timeouts to relax and refresh their minds and bodies. When you prepare your schedule, never forget to place a spot for taking care of yourself where you can do anything that makes you feel pleasant and reenergized.  

You can take warm baths, watch Netflix, listen to your favorite podcasts while you meditate, dance to your favorite playlists, or enjoy your special ice cream flavor. 

Best Home Office Ideas for Moms

Best Home Office Ideas for Moms

If you work from home and need to set up your home office, it can be a little challenging to get it right, especially without any help. The first thing you need to do is find the right room or space to set up your office. The working space should be private and comfortable for you because that’s where you will be working regularly. 

Make sure your working room or space is not in the middle of the house as it can make it hard for you to concentrate and even affect the rest of the people in your house. Your home office should be both functional and fashionable so that it can help you work properly while maintaining the look of your house. 

If your working room or space is situated in the middle or exposed to the guests visiting your place, you might want to pay a little more attention to its look. 

Following are some of the best home office ideas that you can consider:

1. Table and Bench Home Office

Table and Bench Home Office

This is one of the plainest and most simple ways in which you can design your home office. It is comfortable, aesthetic, and is suitable for small home office spaces. And the best thing about this setup is that you don’t have to invest in expensive furniture for this little home office space. 

2. Corner Office Setup

Corner Office Setup

This is also a convenient setup, especially for small rooms and spaces. It has many different ideas and options available for women. Moreover, it is easy to arrange, affordable, and provides a great look to your room. 

3. Standing Desk Office Decor

Standing Desk Office Decor

For many mommies out there, who are tired of sitting in a chair working for the whole day, we have a better option for them. This home office setup helps you stay fit and active. It also saves you some space and easily blends with the look of your room. 

4. Closet Turned Home Office

This is a new idea that a lot of people are loving these days. It saves space in your room and does not disturb its look. You can arrange it any way you like, and it can be quite economical for you. 

5. Wall Spaces for Home Offices

Wall Spaces for Home Offices

Your walls can always be utilized for several purposes, one out of which is home office décor. You can put calendars, blackboards or whiteboards, or various columns and racks to help you store your files and other essentials. This can help you save some extra space in your room and make it look good at the same time. 

6. Portable Home Office

Working all day long in the same room and sitting in the same chair can be exhausting and dull. Therefore, you might need to change your location to excite things a little. But dragging a desk or chair from one room to another seems quite unpleasant, which is why portable home offices can be a smart option. 

All you need is a closet or cabinet to store your files and essentials, along with a portable table for your laptop or documents. It is inexpensive, simple to use, and doesn’t require any extra space around the house. 

If your budget allows, and you’re looking for the ultimate home office away from your home, then consider investing in a garden office pod.

Not only do these garden rooms allow you to separate your home and work, they can be used year round for other activities such as lounging, gaming, working out or more. You can also check out GardenRooms.scot for more great options.

A quality garden office may add value to your home and allows you to create additional space without the cost of an extension or conservatory.


Whether you are working from home just during the pandemic or you use your home office even on regular days, you should have a proper office setup at home to help make your work productive and satisfying. This article will help all the women, especially all the moms out there who find it hard to manage working from home with their kids hanging around. 

These basic and simple home office ideas will make your working experiences much more fun and efficient.