Minimalist Plant Styling Guide

Having a minimalist home or leading a minimalist lifestyle is a commendable choice. You don’t have to deal with so much waste or clutter; plus, owning a few belongings as possible can be very relaxing. If you’d like to try this concept soon, here are some minimalist ideas for styling your home.

However, it is possible to have some plants when you’re aiming for minimalism? The answer would have to be ‘yes’, as houseplants have a lot of benefits for their owners. They produce oxygen, improve the surroundings, and can uplift your mood the minute you walk in the door. The same goes for any plants that you might want to keep outside. If you’re trying to follow minimalism as much as possible, here’s a styling guide that might help:

Using Plants as Statement Pieces

Many people spend a fortune of large and unusual decoration pieces in order to make their decor stand out. This might work in some situations, such as when you want an interesting piece to talk about or to pull the room together.

However, a greener choice here would be to get a large plant in a beautiful pot instead. A duffel fig tree, elephant’s foot plant or a dracaena are all excellent options. You can easily find a plant that grows well indoors and needs minimal care. After that, scout out a good corner to help them become part of the home.

Make a Terrarium

Terrariums allow you to put the plants in the spotlight without having to worry about the bulk of their pots. All you have to do is group some small plants together and enclose them within glass walls. If you’re not looking for anything big, a glass tank will do for creating a delightful corner in your minimalist decor.

However, keep in mind that any kind of conventional terrarium will take up some flat surface area. If you want to preserve the flow of a room and keep the floor as empty as possible, you might try hanging those plants instead.

Consider a Vertical Garden

A vertical garden might seem daunting, but even beginners can learn how to maintain one. Once you get the hang of it, your vertical garden can improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home while fitting in with any kind of decor.

When you’re going for a minimalist look, you don’t want your space invaded. A vertical garden is the perfect solution for this. To make it even more practical, consider growing herbs if there’s enough light in the area.

Make Use of Shelves

Small plants look lovely when you place them on shelves. The contrast of clean lines with natural greenery makes styling your interior quite easy. Your flat surfaces get some beautiful embellishments, while the plants get a nice display stand.

The neatest plants for your shelves might be some hardy supplements, but there’s no harm in experimenting either. Feel free to go for a crawling vine or a large potted plant that takes up a considerable part of your shelf. As long as you make sure these plants have all the water and light they need, such options will make perfect decorations, air purifiers, and conversation starters.

Only Go For Fresh Plants

If you’ve made the decision to go for natural greenery in your minimalist home, make sure to use only fresh, live plants. There are synthetic ones that look almost as real, but they’re mostly tacky options that can ruin the tasteful look of your home.

What’s more, fresh plants actually serve a purpose other than just looking pretty. They’ll freshen up the air in your home and might even give you some blooms or fruit to enjoy.

Choose Hardy Plants

One of the main reasons why people adopt a minimalist lifestyle is that they crave the simplicity and freedom that comes with having fewer things. The fewer decorations you have, the less dusting you’d have to do. Having too many plants might go against this rule, but you can very well stick to the essence of minimalism and still have a few plants in your home.

It might be challenging to maintain plants on a daily basis, so make things easier for yourself by getting the hardier species. These are the plants that might only need watering once a week or every few days. Their low maintenance quality will enable you to go away for a few days or simply forget about watering for some time without having to pay the price.

Find A Balance

The shapes of your room should be your best guide on what kinds of plants to choose. If you want a cohesive look, pair rectangular-shaped items with flowering plants like orchids. A sleek effect can be obtained by making sure that all your plants look good together. This way, even if you spread them about the room or house, nothing will look out of place.

When you’re ready for some depth in your interior decor, see if you can get the same type of plant but in varying sizes. This shouldn’t require too much effort, but the results will probably be worthy of a magazine shoot. Make sure you repot the plants as they grow larger; if you want to save time, hire a professional to do this task. Neglecting it is not an opinion, as you don’t want your efforts to go to waste if the plant dies of overcrowding.


When we’re talking about minimalist designs for interior decor, it’s best to go for the most simple choices. Going for an uncluttered look doesn’t mean that you have to achieve a stark, white, and empty interior. A minimalist interior decor can look beautiful without too much effort as long as you have the right details. Choose the best minimalistic plants and start adding some much-needed greenery to your home today.