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Small modern house

This curious building in the photos, on the mountain slope, is a small modern house design original is painted pink outside and interior is functional to serve as a vacation home, but also because home theater room has a home theater system . The house has a single access door and runs large glass windows fixed, is a closed box. To view different projects or works of modern houses follow this link, you will find a list of entries.

Small modern house

Modern house cubic sophisticated small town
Inside are uneven on a single space similar to mobile homes, and is the projection room of small size and family use. It is a work of modern European architecture located in Czech Republic, was designed by special request of the owner, it is a modern concept cottage and unconventional.

The modern house is named Vila Hermína and rural , is built on a sloping lot with something sharp , look at a beautiful European Central Valley.

View the unique Czech house overlooking the valley
The exterior finish impresses like mantles sealed pink covering the surface, architectural skin made ​​with polyurethane spray dyed pink which provides thermal insulation and makes impervious walls. One of the windows is a diamond shape with one hand following the fall of the land.

Bottom bunk beds, wardrobe and bathroom background
For in the small house is bitonal : green floors and gray cement walls or rustic single-ended. The bathroom is minimalist, completely gray floor to ceiling and highlighted by stainless steel toilets, although the wall hung toilet is ceramic with steel lid.

Minimalist Bathroom with stainless steel
The heavy gray curtains and close the windows (no shutters) and muffle the sound during the screenings. At the level of dining in additional U.S. no curtain opening to regulate the entry of light. The glasses are slightly tinted. Below the thick gray curtains covering the wardrobe and bunks.

Interior view of the inclined planes projection
The kitchen level is intermediate height and has no inclination, is horizontal, representing average floor surface and inclined planes linking the top and bottom. The interior is well spiral movement.