How to Keep the Dining Table Clutter-Free

The dining table is the most important place in your house and the highlight of a dining room. Therefore, keeping it clean and free of clutter should be the focus of your effort. It can be very hard to find the perfect balance between having a well-decorated table, and a messy one. However, worry not as we’ve brought you the best tips to make sure your dining table stays clutter-free. You can also purchase high-quality crockery for wholesale prices online. His comment is here and check out positive reviews regarding the platform that sells premium crockery items online.

Use a Spoon Stand

Nothing depicts magnificence like a fancy spoon stand. It not only adds a sudden charm to the place but also plays a big role in keeping things tidy as well. Cutlery can be very chaotic, especially since there’s just so much of it. Also, if you keep the cutlery away from the table, the table looks empty and bland. If you leave the cutlery set around the table, it looks too stuffy. The right way is to keep your entire cutlery in a spoon stand. Not only will it keep them from gathering dust, but you can also simply take them out, and arrange them on the table at the time of need.

Keep the Table Set Up

Another very good way to resist piling everything on the dining table is to keep it set up at all times. Before you sleep at night, set the table for breakfast. Include the plates, cups, and any other crockery you use at breakfast, and arrange everything as you like. In the morning this will save time. Normally, we go towards flat empty spaces to pile stuff on, so make sure your table isn’t empty.

Just like that, when you clear the breakfast off the table, clean it, and then set it for dinner. Set the glasses, the table mats, and the plates. However, keeping the table cloth on throughout the day gives the opposite effect. It makes the table look messier. If you usually set up a table cloth or plastic for dinner, you should skip this step.

Keep the dining table arranged at all times for minimizing clutter.

Use a Table Cloth Only at Dinner

Having an extra surface on top of the table is a good thing. It protects the table and makes it easier to clean. However, according to leading decorators and interior designers, a table cloth should only be used when eating. Throughout the day, you should leave the table bare. This will not only prevent the tablecloth from getting dirty but also gives a tidier feel to the table. You can still keep heat pads and coasters on the table at all times. However, all plastics should also be removed.

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Use a table cloth when necessary.

Use Heat Pads and Coasters

Heat pads and coasters are a very good addition to keep any dining table organized. They protect the table from heat and water while being decorative. This is important especially for tables that are made of wood. Placing hot dishes, especially those out of the oven, can damage the surface of the table. Even plastic mats can not only melt on being overheated, but they trap a layer of moisture between themselves and the surface of the table. This can make wood tables swell. 

An extra surface like a table cloth or plastic on the surface also means the table is easier to keep clean.  You can create a mess on the table, but when dinner time rolls around, or when you’re finally done with work, you can simply pick up the extra layer and empty it into a dustbin. This is one of the best practices to keep a dining table clean.

Use a Centerpiece

If you can’t set up a table all day, a centerpiece is a perfect way to keep a table tidy. A centerpiece can be anything, but placing it on the table will provide a point you can arrange the table around. That will automatically make the table orderly. There are two common ways of placing centerpieces. You either place one centerpiece in the middle of the table, or you place two centerpieces in the same line, at the opposite ends of the table. 

Make It a Rule to Clean the Table Every Night

Whether it is books, newspapers, mail, purses, or gadgets, everything goes at the table majority of the time. That’s normal as everybody wants their stuff to be easily accessible. However, to make sure your table remains clean, you should clean it every night. Make a basket or box that you can place on the dining table. At the end of the day, when it’s time for dinner, transfer everything from the table into the box. That way your table will remain clean and clutter-free, and everything will still be safe. You can simply collect your belongings from the box. 

Try to Avoid Using the Table for Unnecessary Stuff

The temptation to drag everything to the dining table can be difficult to resist. From school projects to dinner prep and office work, the dining table seems like the perfect place for them all. However, this will make sure your table is cluttered all the time. Buy a separate study table, and use that for school or office work. Also, keep dinner preparation and phone time away from the table. This way you’ll be able to stop the dining table from getting dirty. 

Of course, there will always be some things that will need the dining table. For things that cannot be avoided, clean the table as soon as you are finished. Leaving the table messy once means you’re close to making a habit of it.

Extras on the dining table could cause a mess. 

Set up a Coat Hanger or Hook by the Door

Because of being in the common area or lounge of the house, dining tables usually become victims of stuff we take off when we come from outside.  This includes our coats, scarves, bags, and keys. Set up a hook or coat hanger by the door. Many people don’t just place everything on the dining table, rather it is the chairs that have extra stuff such as clothing on them. Overall, it gives a bad look to the entire table which is why a hanging hook is extremely important. Keep it placed near the dining table for maximum convenience. 

Keep Your Pet off the Table

This one is going to be difficult. You can’t bar an animal from getting on top of the table. The trick is to keep them out of the room your table is in. You can place a pet gate to keep them out of the room. Besides, you can simply make sure you close the door to the room the table is in at all times. Animals, especially cats, knock stuff over all the time. That’s a definite way of making clutter. Keep your furry friend out, and you’ll be able to keep your dining table clean. 

Pets may crawl on your dining table and create a disastrous situation. 

Use Glass Cleaners

A major way to keep your dining table neat at all times is to use glass cleaners on its surface regularly. Try having the glass cleaned once a day to make sure that no tough stains stay on the surface for more than 24 hours. The best time to do this would be after dinner time because it will make sure that everything from the day that has possibly ruined the glass is cleaned thoroughly. Glass cleaners are inexpensive and can be easily purchased from online marketplaces like or your nearby store. 

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A dining table often seems like the perfect spot to dump all your dirty clothes, daily necessities, and odd items. However, a cluttered dining table gives the room a cleaner look as well. A messy dining table can make the whole room look messy, no matter how clean everything else is. At the same time, if you leave the dining table cluttered for too long, dust starts to accumulate on the table which could be difficult to remove. Eventually, the table becomes unusable due to the mounds of dust. Therefore, it is important to keep the dining table clutter-free at all times.