Decorating Ideas for a Home with Kids

A home with kids will give clear clues of the presence of children in the house. It can be little bags on the sofa or color pencils scattered on the dining table. It can also be the furniture and how it has been organized to the best-fit children. Most people think that if you have kids, you have to say goodbye to your paint, furniture, and the fun of decorating your home. Nevertheless, if you design your home kid-friendly, you don’t have to worry about ruining your furniture or decoration. Creating a kid-friendly space will give you the opportunity to go for brighter and different colors rather than using dull and dark colors. 

Do you have kids, and you don’t know how to decorate your house to make it perfect for them and yourself? Read along and learn everything there is to know about decorating ideas for a home with kids.


Living room with sofa and swing

Always think about the big items first when planning to decorate your living room for a home with kids. A sectional sofa would be the best option. However, you should first know how to use a sectional sofa because using it the right way can provide countless benefits making it a first priority when buying a sofa. 

After putting the sectional sofa in the right place, you should consider seating options that appeal to your kids. You can set different colored bean bags to provide comfort and a bit of a casual look to your lounge. Children can sit, lean or lie down on a bean bag and do whatever they want to.

At some point in their life, your kids are going to have birthday parties and sleepovers. At that point, seating arrangements can become a real problem, but don’t worry! Poufs are there to save your life. Poufs can be an excellent alternative to space-consuming seating furniture as they can be stored under a bed or stacked in a closet right after the party is over. 

Living rooms are roughly used when you have kids because movie time, snacks, and playtime will happen in there. The chances are that kids might spill something or draw on a place they’re not supposed to. Having a durable rug that is easy to wash can be a good investment for a house with kids. 

Living rooms can also serve the purpose of a playroom for your kids. Considering that, you should get furniture that won’t interfere or be of any danger to your kids when they’re playing around. An excellent tip to make your furniture kid safe is to buy soft padding for the edges of your furniture.

Art Work

Canvases on a wall with a bookshelf

Hanging artwork on a wall plays a major role in decoration as it changes the whole vibe of your house. If you’re into art and love displaying it on walls, have a wall where your kids can hang their artwork. 

If your kids are not into art or are too young to make art, you should hang bright colored artwork in your room as it will attract the kids towards art. Not just that, but it will also make your house look fancier. 


Bookshelves with sofas and a lamp

What is the one thing that parents mostly get annoyed by? Toys all over the house! There is a solution for that as well. When choosing furniture for home décor, make sure you get a bookshelf with various sections for your kids to keep their toys in. 

Organizing your kid’s toys in an allotted section in your bookshelf will help boost your kid’s sense of organization and management.

Bookshelves are simply amazing and helpful as you can put anything on them. Having bookshelves in a house that has kids in it will give them excessive storage. Not just that, but you can decide between which of your kid’s toys should be displayed and which of them should be hidden in boxes and baskets. 

Play Area

Toys for kids

Have creativity skills? Use them wisely! Build your kids a separate mini room for them to play. You can keep their toys in the mini playroom and add some wall hangings of things they like. Kids tend to love play areas, and you’ll find them hanging around in there during their free time.

Cannot build a playroom due to complications? No problem! Add a secret hideaway in your lounge with some pillows, toys and books, and you’re good to go!  

Dining Room

Dining room with table, chairs and window 

Designing a dining room can get a little complicated as you need to know the answer to what dining table you should opt for or should it be made up of glass or wood. If you have kids, you should think of getting a breakfast nook bench as it can make mealtime with your kids simpler and is more space-efficient when compared to other seating alternatives. 

Try getting colorful plastic chairs, as they’re much more durable, cheap, and very attractive to a child. The boring old wooden chairs can become a safety hazard for kids when they’re playing around.

Kids can be tough to handle when it comes to food. They create a lot of mess when eating or drinking. Your best bet is to go for baby/toddler high chairs, as they’re much more convenient to use.

Having a dining room with sufficient sunlight is optimal as it will uplift the natural aura of the room, which will positively boost your children’s mood. 


Family serving and eating food in the kitchen 

Kids can get really messy in the kitchen, but your problem can be minimalized if you have a patterned floor! A patterned floor can help in cleaning the mess your kids have made on the floor more quickly. 

Snack time is a daily routine for your kids. Instead of giving them unhealthy food such as candy or chocolate, you can display snack jars on the kitchen counter that contain healthy snacks. 

Fancy and attractive magnets can be an excellent decorative material that can be stuck on the fridge. Having these minimalistic decorations all around your kitchen can significantly impact your children’s interest in eating or drinking.

Cooking together is considered to be one of the best forms of family time spent together. Invest in kid-safe kitchen utensils and tools so that you can create a safe environment for your kids to partake in when cooking together. 


Blue themed bathroom with sink, lamps and towel hook 

The bathroom is a very dull place for kids. To make it appealing, you can have a themed wallpaper installed in your kids’ bathroom. Make sure to keep the color as bright as possible as kids are attracted to bright colors. 

A bathroom is a place that gives a sense of independence to the kids. Make sure to have colorful stools in your kid’s bathroom for them to brush their teeth and wash their hands alone and without any help. 

Towel hooks can play a major role in making the bathroom look appealing for your kids. Get towel hooks with the first initials of your kid’s name for a great addition to the bathroom.


Kids themed bedroom with sofa, study table and bookshelf

When choosing the bedroom theme, instead of opting for bright colors, go for a personalized wallpaper. Your kids will love going to sleep looking at their favorite theme, superhero, scenery, or painting on the wall.

Buy a cloth rack for your kids so that they can pick whatever clothes they want to wear. Doing so will boost their decision-making skills and give them a sense of freedom.

A separate kid’s storage should be available in their bedroom so that whenever they are done playing with their toys or reading books, they can put things back on their own.

Speaking of books, if your child is in love with reading books, make sure to install a rack in the corner of their room filled with different types of books!

If you do not have separate room for all of your children, no problem! Install a bunker bed, and your kids will conveniently sleep on it every night.   


Decorating a house with kids can be a fun activity to do together with the help of your family. It will help if you consider all the relevant factors before deciding on the decoration of your home with kids. Make sure to ask your children for their personal preferences as well, and you don’t want a situation where you decorate an area and your child doesn’t end up liking it.