How to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger?

Keeping everything that you need in a small room is not always an easy task. In some cases, the problem isn’t always about the room being too small but more about properly organizing everything. Once everything is arranged the right way, you’ll have enough space to walk around and fit the things you need. 

If you’re someone who lives in an over-priced apartment in a metropolitan area, then you probably know about the struggles of having apartments with small rooms. Some places have bedrooms that can barely fit a bed. In such cases, the other rooms have to be utilized to accommodate the rest of the things that cannot fit in one room.

Hence we have listed some tips that will help your small and congested rooms seem more open and more spacious. This will give you enough room to do the things you want freely and to be able to store items properly.

Things to Do to Make a Small Room Seem Bigger

1. Clear Out The Unnecessary Things

Clearing out unnecessary things you might have in your room will be very helpful since they can take up a lot of space. You need to figure out what you need to keep and what you should get rid of and then carefully organize things, for example, behind the doors, on the shelves, or under the table. Once you arrange things nicely and get rid of the unnecessary stuff, your room will look more spacious and open. 

People with small rooms make them spacy by eliminating things that make the room seem smaller. If the room is always crammed, it causes a feeling of suffocation and can develop a claustrophobic effect.

Another helpful thing is to try to cut down on the furniture. Keeping in mind the room and your apartment’s size, you should get furniture that is firstly the right size and secondly it’s something that you need and can fit easily in your room. Also, if your furniture is big, try to scale it down or cut it down to where it’s just enough for your room.

2. Arranging and Moving Stuff Around to Make Room

The room looks cramped when the furniture and other things block its view as you walk in. You can move the furniture out or away from walkways to give the room more moving space and make it seem a bit less cramped. You can use small furniture and place the large, tall pieces of furniture along the wall rather than placing them out in the middle, which takes up all the space. 

Sometimes putting the furniture on one side of the room is better, so people can pass through the room without any problem. It gives off a clean and nicely arranged vibe, resulting in more space. Hence it’s often better to organize and put things together to clear up space to walk.

3. Using Lighter Colored Schemes

You should choose colors that belong to the same family and use different shades of woven fabrics, tonal drape fabrics, and textured wall finishes. The more relaxed and delicately colored the surfaces are, the more they will make your room look vacant and spacious.

You should avoid using heavy materials and fabrics that absorb light as they will make your room look slightly gloomy. You can use linen, for example, as it is a lightweight material that increases the sense of airiness in the room, making it feel more light and breathable.

4. Walls and Furniture of the Same Color

The contrasting colors can make space feel a lot smaller than it is. If you have furniture pieces that match the wall’s color, they’ll stand out less and give off a feel of more room space. Hence this will give an illusion of a larger area and the room looking bigger.

5. Avoiding Drapes And Rugs

You should not use curtains as they stop the human eye from taking in the full view from outside, even if they don’t cover the whole window. Drapes and curtains take up additional space in the room. Getting rid of them can help keep the room look more simplistic and give off a spacious vibe.

Also, you should not use big and dark curtains in the room, if possible. If you want to use curtains, try using the light see-through ones that give a sense of openness in the room. These drapes make it seem as if the room is spacious, and there’s good ventilation in the room to pass through.

For privacy, you can use shutters or lightweight mesh, or cloth blinds. Or, if you think that curtains are a must-have for you, you can use a bar that expands far beyond the window frame, so you can fully show the window.

6. Using Glass Objects

By using see-through materials, anything beyond will appear further away. Using transparent things, such as glass, can help you determine the room’s full view without making it seem like space is tighter and cramped. Since you’ll be able to see through the glass, it’ll give off a feeling that the room is larger than it seems. 

7. Whitewashing the Walls

You might know that white surfaces have reflective qualities; they help make the room feel more spacious, airy, light, serene, and calm. When you paint the walls and the ceiling with the same shade of white color, it gives a cloud-like effect. 

It also blurs the boundaries between the wall and ceiling, allowing your eyes to travel up quickly, making the top appear significantly higher. Hence, the white color is best for small rooms as it simplifies the room and highlights the architecture, giving off a more open feel to the place.

8. The Vertical Side of the Room

You can get a tall shelf, a few vertical shiplap, or a bare hanging bulb. Doing this will highlight the room’s vertical space, increase the sense of openness, and make the room’s space seem larger and spacious.

9. Simplistic Pattern

On top of everything, you need to keep your room as simple as possible and avoid unnecessary items that may make your room look cluttered and unattractive. You can add frames on one or two walls, but you should avoid dark patterns and overwhelming colors. 

10. Using Wallpapers

If you want to use wallpaper for your room, put them on one side to create an accent wall. The same applies when painting the wall; paint only one wall or door and stick with a single shade. Doing this gives off more open and relaxed vibes to the room. 

Small Rooms – It’s All About Organizing Them Properly

If you live in a small apartment or have a small room, you should follow everything we mentioned above. It would be best to be more careful about the things that you keep in your room. 

Get rid of stuff you don’t need, choose small furniture that will be suitable for your room, arrange them properly around the house, and make sure it doesn’t block the pathway to the door. Moreover, painting your walls white with cool lighting can also help a small room look more spacious and bigger than it actually is.