Everything you need to know about independent living

Old age homes are the best option for senior citizens if they are living alone at home or are not fit enough to take care of their selves. Sometimes, the kids keep moving from one place to another, even in such cases it becomes difficult for them to travel and adjust to new places. However, People often mislead that old age home can only be something like a clustered kind of home. But, in past recent years, the concept of Senior Living is been introduced into the lives of people. 

What are Senior Living Homes? 

What are Senior Living HomesThey are specially and well-thought-designed housing complexes that contain individual villas or apartments and sometimes both to satisfy all the requirements for Senior Citizens. Different facilities like housekeeping, cooking, medical care, assisted living requirements, entertainment and laundry are all provided and made available by society. Also, there is a choice given to the people residing, as to if they would like to take these services or not. In the west, these homes are also commonly called retirement villages, but this term is still very new to many people around the world. 

Other than that, other facilities are also provided that vary depending upon the type and brand of such service providers. Activities like a golf course, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court, and some other interests. Some also offer things like beauty and barber salons, onsite spas, and daily meals. 

Types of Independent Living

Types of Independent LivingVarious types of independent living are provided ranging from stand-alone houses to apartment complexes and that varies in cost depending on the type of it and services provided. 

  1. Senior apartments: 

The apartment complexes are restricted by age, ranging from 55 or 62. The rent of these apartments could include meals, transportation, dining room, and recreational programs. 

  1. Low-income Senior Living: 

Usually, the government in different countries like that of the U.S. subsidize the senior housing complexes for people who cannot afford to go in the private ones. 

  1. Care retirement communities:

If you or your old family member is facing any kind of health problems or you feel like can have them in future times, then these communities provide you with nursing home care in your independent living. These services make the lives of senior citizens a lot easier and less lonely. 

  1. Retirement communities: 

These are groups of housing units that are only for those who are 55 to 62 or more. Housing units can be anything from townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, single-family homes, and mobile homes. 

What are three myths about Senior Living? 

What are three myths about Senior Living

  • This type of living means giving up on interests and hobbies: 

A wide range of social events and different senior activities are offered by most independent living facilities that are weaved depending on your interests and needs. They can range from gardening to fitness programs to sports, art and craft, book clubs, adult education classes, and so on. It’s been estimated through a study that many senior citizens became more social and active after they shifted into such a living facility that made them feel less lonely, much happier, and also healthier. 

  • Retirement community is like losing independence: 

Many people have this misconception that moving into such communities takes away your independence, but they are highly incorrect. Instead, the other name for Senior Living is an independent living and also lets you enjoy it for longer and makes life simple. You can have your privacy, just like you would have at your own home, could bring and fill your room with your possessions and furniture and then spend your time, the way you want. 

  •  You will have to live away from family and friends and therefore wouldn’t have anyone at a time of emergency: 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have, they believe or think that nobody will be there in their difficult times if they live in retirement villages. However, this is not the case. Such living facilities have a staff 24 hours that can help and take care of the situation at any time of the day. Many facilities also provide their customers with safety measures, so that you can feel more secure, specifically when you live alone. 

Tips to adjust with the Senior Living 

Tips to adjust with the Senior Living

  • Pack in advance: To make yourself feel at home, pack and carry all the requirements properly. Also, remember to pack early on, so that you don’t arrive at a point where you forget something crucial or have to discard anything because of hastiness. 
  • Decorate your home: Paint the walls, hang the pictures of your dear ones, place the favorite items maybe a bookcase, an armchair, or anything else of your own choice. 
  • Socialize: Usually when you move into a new place, you feel more comfortable staying alone in your apartment. But, instead, you should go out and meet with other residents, try bonding with them. As, friendships and connections surely make life easier, happier, and happening. 
  • Read and be aware: Be prepared by reading and understanding everything about this kind of living before making any decision. So that you are well aware of everything beforehand. Such things help in settling and digesting everything simple and faster. 

Is this the right choice for you? 

When you get older, then changing house or home could seem like losing independence. But, this is the most accurate type of independent living as it makes your life easier, even after enjoying the perks of it. Many times people are not able to accept the fact that they need some assistance to manage their homes, health, fitness, and so on. This can lead to accidents, loneliness, mental health problems, and so. Therefore, instead of making a fuss out of everything, just think it through and go for it. 

These were some of the important pieces of information about Senior Living. I hope this would have you an idea about what it is exactly, its myths, things required for adjustment, and so on. But, still do keep reading more about it and learn about it, before making any major life changes. Also, never think of it negatively, it’s all for the benefits.