How to Make Your House Cozy?

Coming home is often the best time of the day for many of us, but a cold space on a chilly night is hardly welcoming. Making your home cozy can be very rewarding in more ways than one, especially when you open the door and are immediately cheered up by the inviting spaces. 

 Fortunately, as Rollingwood Management in Austin says, it doesn’t really take much to make a home comfy, cozy, and uplifting. Even a few changes can make all the difference, so let’s check those out now: 

1. Upgrade the Bedding

Upgrade the Bedding

Cool linen and cotton might be perfect for summer, but make sure to have some thicker option for  wintertime. You want flannel or any material that will retain warmth. Get a nice quilt, throw blanket, or any similar option for the bed, the couch, and your favorite armchair. This will have you prepared to cozy up at a moment’s notice instead of having to forage through closets when you’re feeling too chilly. 

2. Warm Your Feet

When you get home, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Make this easier by keeping some warm slippers near the front door. You can change shoes the minute you walk in the door; this will be a lot more hygienic as well. 

You can also keep a pair of fuzzy socks by the fireplace or your bed. Invest in a hot water bottle if your feet get really cold. Finally, put a footstool in front of your sitting place and cozy up for the long winter nights. 

3. Add Texture

This is the time when those large, furry or fuzzy cushions finally get some use. Add a few of these to your couch; they’ll upgrade the decor and also lend warmth at the same time. You can also go for velvet, cable-knit, or other cushion cover materials that feel and look warm. 

In addition to your couches and beds, you can also add texture plus warmth to the floors. An area rug for the coldest parts of the house might be the best option, but it’s not in everyone’s budget. You might want to get smaller options and put them in strategic areas. 

For instance, one can go next to your bed so your feet won’t have to meet a cold floor first thing in the morning. Place one under a reading chair, a coffee table, and perhaps even a non-slip one in the kitchen. Add a beanbag to the living room setup just to make things a little different and more casual. 

4. Soften Your Lighting

Lighting has a lot to do with how a home looks, so you might want to make yours warmer for that cozy look. Harsh, bright lights will keep you alert and anxious, so get some of those warm-toned LED bulbs to help create a more relaxing atmosphere. You can also opt for salt lamps, electric candles, and other choices to create a proper aesthetic. 

While we’re on the subject of lights, consider having a nice touch like some string lights in a bedroom or a reading nook. They’re usually not expensive, but add a lovely comforting touch to any area. Fairy lights might do when you’re decorating a bedroom, but you might want to try something more substantial like globe lights for the living room or balcony. The light they provide should still be soft and not overwhelming. 

5. Update the Windows

Window treatments can change the way a home looks, especially when they’re the focal point of a room. When the winter starts getting colder or if you just want a warmer look going on, swap out the sheer curtains for something thicker. Velvet drapes might be a nice option, or anything with a thermal lining. 

Proper window treatments will make your space look and feel cozy in no time. They’ll also insulate the room they’re in and save you a bundle in heating costs.

6. Try New Sofa Covers

Updating a sofa cover is one of the top tips to make your house cozy. As long as your sofa is of the standard size, it should be easy to find a new type of slipcover for it. Go for deep, rich, jewel tones and soft, warm fabric. When you have a nice place to snuggle into on those quiet nights in, you’ll appreciate your home more. 

7. Layering the Kitchen Linens

You might not even think about the kitchen as a cozy place within your house. However, it’s still the heart of the home and the source of many comforts. When you have hot chocolate bubbling on the stove and the smell of warm cookies in the air, it doesn’t get much cozier than that. 

You can upgrade the comfort level and look of your kitchen by making good use of linens in that area. Put an attractive little rug by the sink and another one at the entrance. Use runners and tablecloths on the kitchen island or breakfast table. Finally consider line slipcovers to go over the chairs, bar stools, or whatever seating option you have there. 

8. Display Your Memories

When you search online for ways on how to make your house cozy, the results might show some attractive pictures on the walls along with some impressive home decor. While pictures, greeting cards, and postcards don’t raise the temperature in a home, they can certainly warm your heart when you look at them. This is why it might be a good idea to have them on display. 

Look up some picture frame ideas for a different way to display your pictures if you’d like something unique. If you don’t have time for DIY or other projects, just fill up the mantle, sideboard, or a whole wall of pictures and other memorabilia that matter to you. 

9. Add Plants and Flowers

Having a living element within your house will be great for increasing the coziness level. Many houseplants might also clear up the air quality in your space, which will just make things more comfortable. 

It can be a responsibility to take care of a plant, so invest in some hard specimens if you’re a newbie at this. If you’re travelling, ask someone you trust to come over and water the plants while you’re gone. All this can still be too much to handle so consider getting some fake plants or flowers as a last resort. 

While the fake stuff won’t improve the air quality, they will still create some texture and warmth in the home. Just make sure not to get the tacky-looking kind; go for silk flowers and quality materials that will last for a long time.  


The little details are what make a house or apartment a real home. Whether you’re making your home cozy for the winter or want to personalize a new place, the tips above should be good enough to get started at least. Try out the ones that seem the most feasible, but remember to put in your personal touch as well.