Will DIY Pest Control Work?

Most often, homeowners try to save money on pest control services. Some projects like painting cabinets can be handled on your own. But, there are some tasks like plumbing and electrical works that should be better left to the professionals. The same thing applies to pest control. In some cases, you can handle the situation by yourself. While in other cases, you may need to consult a Boise pest control professional who knows about pest behavior and treatment.

Will DIY pest control work?

1. Knowledge

The DIY method has instructions on its labels, but it does not possess the knowledge that a pet professional has. These professionals spend their days studying the pest and how to control and eliminate them. Many DIY bed bug methods are available on the market, but a trained professional knows the bug treatment is not always “one size fits all.” By contacting a pest professional, you can save time and frustration.

2. Expense

A DIY method may appear cheaper, but it may cost you more than hiring a professional. These professionals know how to treat those pests and what methods are effective and will perform the proper treatment from the beginning. If you choose the DIY option, you may have to go through several processes of trial and error method before you start making a dent in your infestation.

3. Risk

It is risky to handle chemicals on your own. But also, most DIY treatments are approved for home use, but it is better not to handle chemicals that you are not familiar with. Such chemicals can potentially harm you, pets, or plants in your home. When you hire a professional, they will look out for the surroundings, such as pets, and select chemicals that best suit your home and surroundings.

4. Effectiveness

DIY methods can be effective for small infestations if used correctly. However, for bug infestations like stinging insects and bed bugs which are large or recurring infestations, it is best to hire a professional for the mentioned reasons.

5. Termites

They are destructive pests that cause property damage of more than $5 billion every year. Professionals know the behaviors and biology of termites. They will perform inspections in a routine to spot the early signs of infestation and use the necessary tools to treat an infestation effectively.

6. Stinging insects

These insects pose serious health risks. According to data, they send half a million individuals to the emergency room annually.

7. Bed bugs

You should not handle these bugs on your own.  They are notoriously elusive and primarily hide out in hard-to-detect places like behind wallpaper or electrical switchboards. A trained professional knows where these bed bugs hide and can perform a treatment plan to remove the pests.

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