The Raised Bed Garden – Simple but Brilliant

raised bed gardening

A raised bed garden is a simple enough concept. The earliest were just rows or blocks of deep, finely tilled earth raised in mounds above the ground. It was discovered that the curved shape increased the number of plants one could grow. However, without any support around the mound, rain would wash … Read more

Constructing Raised Bed Gardens

Constructing raised bed gardens is a relatively simple task, and the rewards from using them for growing food, compared to growing food in the ground, can be phenomenal. Raised beds come in all shapes and sizes and do not necessarily have to be “contained beds” although they are by far the most … Read more

A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Makes Growing Food Simple!

raised bed gardening

Making a raised bed vegetable garden is a fabulous way to grow your vegetables with a minimum of fuss and with greater control over your growing conditions. We will be constructing and using two raised beds this year (see photo below), and will be employing additional growing techniques within the raised beds, … Read more

Raised Bed Gardening: Perfect for Growing Food

raised bed gardening

Raised bed gardening is a great idea if you have poor soil conditions but think carefully before opting to install them if your soil is already of high quality. There are some disadvantages as well as advantages to building a raised bed vegetable garden – which I’ve covered below. Control Over Your … Read more

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