What Materials Are Needed to Build a Container Garden?

What Materials Are Needed to Build a Container Garden

Building your own container garden is a great way to boost your creativity and relieve stress. After a long week at work, going home to see your well-maintained container garden gives you a soothing and relaxing feeling. It also gives you a sense of achievement every time you see your plants looking … Read more

Proper Drainage Is Important for Container Gardening

Are drainage holes important in container gardening? That’s perhaps one of the questions that boggle your minds, especially if you’re starting out in this hobby. Whatever plants you’re growing, be mindful that proper drainage is crucial to their health. Otherwise, you’d be facing unhealthy and dying plants as standing water can cause … Read more

My Home Built Solar Food Dehydrator

After reconsidering the plans for a solar-powered food dehydrator – which originally consisted of a drying rack built into the roof of the conservatory, we have now built the new and improved version and we have to say after trying it out, that it does a fantastic job! We already have an … Read more

Straw Bale Gardening

We decided to include a page on straw bale gardening because it is another practical and useful option. It provides abundant growing possibilities with minimal maintenance and can save you a fortune on buying compost and raised-bed construction materials. Straw bale gardening is excellent if you have a water-logged area of your … Read more

Designing a Container Garden for Growing Food

Container gardens in any setting can be simply fabulous, and designing a container garden for your own needs can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. People with small gardens or limited space tend to favor container gardens for good reason. There are some big advantages and … Read more

Your Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas and Planning

Planning is everything! Organizing your vegetable garden layout will be a key factor in getting the maximum yields, especially if your growing area is limited. Here are some ideas and sketches to consider for your vegetable garden layout ideas. The Right Location The right location is absolutely everything. It will mean the … Read more

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