20 Things You Should Know Before Trying to Plant a Food Producing Garden

Food producing garden

Why garden, you ask? How about eating the most delicious fruits and vegetables you’ve ever tasted? If you have never tried garden-fresh food before, you will be astonished by the sweet, juicy flavors and lively textures. There is nothing quite like fresh vegetables, especially when you cultivate them yourself, which is possible! … Read more

How to garden in an apartment – is it viable?

Even in a small flat, it should be possible to cultivate plants. Apart from regular houseplants, various herbs, fruits, and vegetables can flourish in an apartment garden. As you develop your gardening talents, begin with a few containers. The availability of sunlight and the weight of your containers must be considered.  Despite … Read more

15 Cool Plants That Do Not Require a Lot of Water

Whether you live in a region prone to drought or simply want to reduce your water bill, you will appreciate the low maintenance requirements of these lovely plants. Spend more time appreciating your garden and less time caring for it by selecting plants that require little water, even during the hottest months … Read more

Tips on Keeping Grass Green During the Summer

In the summer, we want our lawns to look their absolute best. However, this is also when they experience the most stress. Drought and high temperatures pose a threat to our meticulously tended, luxuriantly green lawns. Increased foot traffic from pets and children causes more deterioration than we would want. Warm weather … Read more

How to Garden in The Desert

Are you interested in establishing a garden on the dry wasteland? Even for those who are new to desert gardening, the process of cultivating plants in a harsh climate can be difficult but ultimately rewarding. Because gardening always needs some degree of effort on the part of the gardener, there is no … Read more

10 Gardening Tips for Preppers

Preppers and those planning to survive in a world devastated by a catastrophic calamity are aware that they must grow their own food. A survival garden is required to provide food for the family. When you only have the food you grow, gardening takes on a whole new significance. Without a backup … Read more

Ground Fertilization Techniques

Practitioners of soil fertility and sustainable agriculture are aware that most soils today require rebuilding of their health and vitality. It makes sense to recreate the healthy, vital soils that nature created in the past when restoring soil health. We require intelligent intervention because we cannot afford to wait for nature’s process … Read more

10 Plants Perfect for Beginner Gardeners

Many people find it to be too much work or simply lack the time to dedicate to it. However, there are many plants you can grow if this is your first-time gardening and if you want your garden without all the hassles. The ten plants listed below are among the simplest to … Read more

Underground Rhizomes Must Be Removed

Rhizomes are modified stems that extend horizontally underground. They procreate by sending out fresh stems above ground and fresh roots below. Rhizomes’ resistance makes weeds resistant to drought and difficult to eradicate. These plants include stinging nettle, poison ivy, horsetail, Japanese knotweed, and creeping charlie. Your plants may suffer if Bermuda grass … Read more

How to Attract Pollinators to Your Garden

You’ve probably heard that many of our crucial pollinators are disappearing and require our assistance. These nectar- and pollen-seeking animals are essential to the development of our gardens and crops. In your garden, pollinators move pollen from flower to flower, assisting in the fertilization of fruit, vegetables, and plants. While some plants … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Micro Gardening

What is Micro Gardening? Micro gardening is the practice of intensively growing food in small, well-designed urban spaces and containers. Micro gardens are made to be extremely fruitful, energy and space efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective, as well as to be grown in healthy, living soil. What are Microgreens? Vegetable greens known as … Read more