How to Grow Mint at Home

Growing herbs and vegetables at home isn’t that difficult; in fact, growing a small crop of mint, coriander, and spring onions might end up saving you a lot of hassle. It’s difficult to keep buying fresh herbs from the market and making sure that they last a long time. If you have … Read more

Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing herbs indoors is an easy way of ensuring you always have fresh herbs on hand when you want them. This way of growing is also ideal for those who have very little space or live in a flat where there is no garden at all. You can place the containers on … Read more

Growing Basil

Climate and temperature are key factors in successfully Growing Basil. It is a sun lover and grows wild in Mediterranean climates. It will do reasonably well in containers if the temperature is kept above 10 Degrees C. The cold or any kind of frost will kill Basil straight away, but it will … Read more

Growing Herbs in Containers Fun, Useful and Healthy!

NOTE: This Years Theme is Herbalism! We will be concentrating a bit more on growing herbs during the growing season to support the herbalism hobby I have recently taken up. The herbal section of this website could become quite interesting over the coming months. See my additional notes towards the bottom of … Read more

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