What Fruits to Grow for Survival Situations?

What Fruits to Grow for Survival Situations

In the most challenging situations, you cannot depend on the commercial food industry to provide you something to eat. If you travel back in time, many wars ravaged the globe, resulting in widespread famine and millions of people dying from mass starvation. While you don’t want a repeat to happen, you’ll never … Read more

Benefits of Container Gardening When Living in a Tiny Home

Do you feel that city life restricts you from your passion for gardening? Living in an apartment in the city should not rob you of the soothing experience of gardening. The same goes for when you have opted to live in a tiny home adhering to minimalism or when you like to … Read more

Only Tools Needed for Container Gardens

No matter what types of plants you wish to grow and how many containers you wish to maintain, having the essential tools will make your task a hundredfold easier. The catch is visiting the hardware store or going online to purchase presents you with an endless list of options, making it overwhelming … Read more

The Berkey Water Filter Review

Over a year ago we brought a Berkey water filter, and we have to say it’s quite possibly one of the best things we’ve ever brought. We don’t do product placements per se – it’s just not our style, however with this item we’re making an exception… As a big fan of … Read more

Growing Your Own Survival Food

It used to be if someone mentioned they were growing ‘survival food’ people would look at them like they were some kind of a nut; a human Chicken Little who thought the sky was about to fall so they were planning to be prepared for it. However, times have moved on. The … Read more

Survival Gardening

Gardening to live, or at least to not go hungry, or “Survival gardening”, is something few people in the modern western world would ever contemplate. After all, why should we? The shops have always been there for us. Whenever we need food, we just go and buy some, and we guess we’ll … Read more

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