What is Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring?

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank is one of the most popular forms of flooring for the home. It’s affordable, easy to maintain, and has just the right texture and finish to complement any aesthetic. Flooring technology has also evolved a lot, making the vinyl plank even more sophisticated and durable. What is Luxury Vinyl … Read more

Guide to Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is an excellent and affordable flooring option that is easy to install and maintain. Plus, it offers you a way to mimic more expensive materials and flooring styles like marble, hardwood, or porcelain tiles. Back then, vinyl flooring was usually seen as a patterned, plastic-ky, slick surface that covered just … Read more

What are Carpet Runners for Stairs?

Carpet runners for stairs, also called stair runner carpet, combines safety with style. Stair carpet runners are a popular choice for people who want a nice, clean look all the way up to the staircase. Runners are made of one long roll of carpet spanning the center section of the stairs with … Read more

A Complete Guide to Teak Wood

Teak wood is a solid, close-grained hardwood that comes from the Tectona grandis tree, which is native to South and Southeast Asia. It is golden in color and features a smooth grain and texture. This type of wood is high in rubber and natural oils, making it tough, strong, and invulnerable to … Read more

Top 10 Tips When Buying Tiles Online

It can be hard to find the right tiles for your home when you buy them online. There are many different brands, styles, and prices to choose from. The best way to buy tiles is by using these 10 tips! First, buy tiles online that are relevant to the size of your … Read more

How to Get Seamless Floors With Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins are light-stable and moisture-resistant polymer resins with very high resistance to the attack from heat, acids, and alkalis. They are one of the most versatile hard coatings available today, providing excellent hardness and resistance to chemical attack. They can be used to create floorings that are seamless in almost every … Read more

Flooring Ideas for Bedrooms

Deciding on the flooring of a bedroom could be a bit challenging, especially as you have a lot of options online as well as in the physical market. Of course, you want your bedroom floor to look good, but it also has to be comfortable, durable, and complement the existing decor of … Read more

Flooring Ideas for Living Room

The living room is where most of the family spends a major chunk of their waking hours. This is why many people now prefer an open floor plan for this particular room. Such a decision makes the flooring all the more important; it’s more visible and gets a lot of traffic over … Read more

Guide to Types of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring material that is still among the most desirable. If you think of using hardwood for your floors, you can’t go wrong. All the different types of hardwood floors have unmatched beauty, and it goes with any décor, whether your style is classic, modern, contemporary, traditional, … Read more

Guide to Know More About Types of Tiles

If you want to cover your floors and walls with tiles, you’re making the right choice. Tiles are easy to install, easy to maintain, and are stylish and durable in general. In the past, you can think of tiles as purely for bathrooms and kitchens, but it can be used in almost every … Read more

What Exactly Does Waterproof Flooring Mean?

You may have heard of waterproof flooring numerous times, but you are unsure what the phrase entails. What exactly do you get when you have a waterproof coating for your floor? How resistant is it to water? How long will it last? If you are still in the process of having your … Read more

Using Rugs for Decoration

Rugs do create a visual impact to a room. Compare your area with and without rugs and see the difference. Rugs are a great alternative to wall-to-wall carpet, and they are easier to clean, remove and replace. You put rugs on your floor for practical reasons like adding comfort, but they do … Read more

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