Growing Peanuts

Growing Peanuts

Have you ever thought of growing peanuts in your home garden? Though peanuts belong to the nut family, they are fairly unique among the nuts since they grow underground and are not produced by large plants. In fact, they are not nuts as such, but essentially legumes. When roasted on their own, … Read more

Five Great Tomato Growing Tips

Here are five excellent tomato growing tips to help you get the best out of your tomato plants – one of the most popular vegetable plants found in any garden, in almost anywhere in the world. Growing the perfect tomato doesn’t have to be hard. If it’s your first time growing them, … Read more

Growing Grapes

Growing grapes might not sound like your average gardening project, but more like something confined to the vineyards which yearly produce wine… However, a couple of weeks ago while walking past a semi-detached house locally, we noticed vines clambering along a trellis at the side, and clusters of small green grapes. It … Read more

Fast Growing Trees A Cautionary Overview

Fast-growing trees have been used by many local councils for many years as part of their beautification scheme. Originally if the area was fairly low lying, and crossed by several small streams which eventually find their way into a local river, but after houses were built, there was a lot of raw, … Read more

How to grow strawberries

Many people want to learn how to grow strawberries because there are few taste experiences more pleasant than eating fruit fresh from your own garden, and strawberries tend to top that list. Growing strawberries is also a fairly straight forward thing to do. It is argued that the world’s best strawberries are … Read more

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

This article on how to roast pumpkin seeds came about after a request from someone who read my Pumpkin Seed Recipe article. High fiber content, tastefulness and richness in anti-oxidants are some of the factors that have contributed to the high rise in popularity for roasted pumpkin seeds. They are also excellent … Read more

Growing Hops

It is surprisingly easy growing hops, one of the most enduring farming practices carried out for centuries to produce that favourite of all beverages; beer… There are several reasons for cultivating hops, but three main reasons: They are grown for beer brewing at home. Hops are also grown for their food values- … Read more

Growing Pomegranates

If you are thinking of planting some shrubs in your backyard garden, then growing pomegranates could be worth considering. With their amazing red flowers that cover most of the tree for many months, the semi-desert, continental climate pomegranate has a profound impact, yet has very minimal maintenance needs. The pomegranate traces its … Read more

Growing Beans in Your Home Garden

Personally, I think growing beans is one of the best and most fun things to do if you are interested in gardening and cooking. It is always a great idea to grow all sorts of vegetables in your home garden, from different varieties of vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage and other leafy vegetables, … Read more

Growing Green Beans

Growing green beans or runner beans as we call them here in the UK, is fairly easy to do as long as you stick to some basic rules, and in the right conditions they will provide you with a fabulous, delicious crop that you can eat in-season or put in the freezer … Read more

How to Grow Asparagus

This web page is a brief summary of how to grow asparagus so that you can achieve the highest yields from your plants. Growing asparagus is not necessarily the most straight-forward task, and you need patience. It takes 3 years to establish an asparagus plant for food production, but they are perennials, … Read more

Growing Rhubarb – As Simple As It Gets!

Growing Rhubarb is quite possibly one of the easiest things in the world to do. It is a very forgiving plant and extremely hardy, handling most cold winters easily. It’s perennial and will last you for years. It’s not that fussy about the type of ground you grow it in either, as … Read more