Painting Cement Walls: Step-by-Step Guide for a Durable Finish

Painting Cement Walls:

Painting concrete walls is a durable and effective way to enhance the appearance of a space. Unlike other surfaces, concrete presents unique challenges due to its porous nature and the potential presence of moisture. A well-executed paint job on concrete can not only improve aesthetic appeal but also offer protective benefits. Selecting … Read more

Tips for Repairing Cracks in Walls

Cracks on walls can be considered a charming irregularity that can add character to your home, but more often than not, it’s an eyesore that can really bother you. Eventually, even the best-built houses can develop a few cracks for many reasons. Generally, hairline cracks are caused by the natural settling of … Read more

DIY Picture Frame Ideas

A lot of people nowadays don’t bother to print out their pictures because they’re fine being in Instagram feeds and Facebook albums. However, some people still want it printed out and displayed in their homes. If you’re one of those people and you’re bored of the typical store-bought frames, here are some … Read more

Types of Wall Anchors

If you want to hang an oversized painting, photograph, mirror or a large shelf unit on the wall, you would need more than a screw or a nail. A wall anchor is the right hardware that can suit your big wall hanging needs. A wall anchor is a fastener that can attach … Read more

Easy DIY Wall Décor Ideas

One easy way to decorate any room is to put up wall décor. However, decorations like paintings and artworks might get a little expensive, and displaying photos and sketches might not be your taste. There are a lot of simple do-it-yourself wall art ideas you can try to make your space unique … Read more

Painting Over Dark Walls

Dark colors look great, especially when it’s newly painted on a wall. But fading happens and the old “accent” color becomes gloomy and bleak. Plus, changes in trends is inevitable, and sometimes, you just get tired of the old look. Whether you’re bored with your old paint job or you’ve inherited a … Read more

Guide to Decorating Walls

Even if you don’t have an eye for interior design, you still would probably find a blank wall empty and depressing. You want to liven up your spaces, but sometimes you don’t know where to start when it comes to putting decorations to your walls. There are just so many ideas and … Read more

Different Wall Treatments

Typically, walls are either painted or covered with wallpaper. Paint comes in different varieties: flat, eggshell, gloss or semi-gloss, and they easily create an aura for the entire room. Wallpapers do that too, with the wide range of patterns and color choices available in the market. But some people find these usual … Read more

Creative Wall Painting Ideas

Tired of looking at the same monochromatic walls? You may gather wall decorations like paintings on canvas, mirrors or framed photos. But if you want something more artistic than that, take the creative route and create unique works of art directly to your walls. Imagine your wall as a blank canvas waiting … Read more

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