Tips for Decorating a Modern Bathroom

Usually, the kitchen and the living room tend to get all the decorating attention and efforts. The bathroom sometimes gets left behind. But even if we don’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom, that doesn’t mean that you must leave it as it is, as long as the fixtures are still working. Since you use the bathroom every day, try to make it a relaxing, stress-free and welcoming retreat by renovating it with a modern look. Here are some ideas on how and what to update in your bathroom so it would suit the 21st century:

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1. Go for a simplistic and minimalistic design

The modern design is easily identifiable – simplicity is its rule of thumb. Making everything simple, sleek and clean is the key to a modern bathroom. Keep open space free of clutter. Hide your toiletries, trinkets and novelty items in built-in cabinets and vanities. Go for sinks, toilets, and bathtubs with simple and clean lines. Choose backsplash and tiles with geometric shapes. Add just a little decoration – a bunch of flowers on a clean white flower pot would be fine. If you have space, add a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

2. Update your flooring and wall covering

Your choice of flooring and wall covering is a matter of personal taste, especially with regards to your color palette choices. To achieve the modern look, any material with a matte finish for walls and floors will work. For the flooring, you can also use marble tiles, patterned vinyl or water-resistant laminate flooring. For the walls, you may install modern ceramic tiles in a sleek design, preferably color gray, navy blue, silver or white. You may also choose 3D wavy wall tiles for an edgy vibe. Regarding the color scheme, it’s best to stick with neutrals for most of the room, with one accent color for a wall and some small accessories.

3. Reconsider the materials you use in your bathroom

Since you’re considering to upgrade your bathroom, replace that old clinical sink or that brown swirled marble countertop. Contemporary sinks nowadays can be made of textured glass, vitreous china, copper-like materials and the like. Smooth wood is typically incorporated in vanities. You can also use slate, ceramic, stone and concrete on your surfaces. Try using a vessel sink made of glass, crystal, mosaic or marble for a more modern look for the bathroom. Update your faucets, bidets and other metal fixtures by choosing new ones with a satin nickel finish, oil-rubbed color, tumbled bronze or other contemporary hues and sheen.

4. Install a new vanity and update your shelving and cabinetry

If you still have that bulky and frilly vanity, it’s time to upgrade it to a smaller and more compact one. Floating vanities are on the rise today because of its sleek, modern and edgy designs. Since they are “floating” it looks lighter, and it frees up floor space underneath, making your bathroom look more spacious. Pick those with soft, solid colors or with subtle wood grain patterns for a modern look. Use medicine cabinets that look sleek inside and out, and it’s best to choose those with mirrored cabinet doors to create the illusion of space and reflect more light inside. For a more modern and minimalistic take, you may have a recessed medicine cabinet installed inside your wall, given that there is space and the area is clear of plumbing or electrical wirings. Having open floating shelves for your towels, decorative flowers, baskets, and canisters also bring a modern and airy vibe that can make you feel like you have your own spa retreat.

5. Update or install a new bathtub

The bathtub is the star of a modern bathroom. It serves as the focal point of the room, plus it offers you a level of relaxation that a shower cannot provide. Consider swapping out your old bathtub with freestanding tubs or a simple clawfoot tub – these pieces are staple items for modern bathrooms. Install a rectangular or oval bathtub depending on your space.

6. Enhance your lighting

If you have an opportunity to bring in more natural light to your bathroom, do it. Warm, natural sunlight adds a big impact to the overall ambiance of the room, making it look warm and cozy. If it’s possible, install new windows or skylights. Skylights are great for modern bathrooms – it doesn’t just add natural light, it also adds interest. But if you can’t do it because of the design or layout of your bathroom or your budget, opt to improve your lighting fixtures. Bathrooms are the places where exposed bulbs are ubiquitous, so make yours different. Use fixtures that are a bit more elegant yet subtle, like recessed lights, pendant lights or globe lights. And more importantly, make sure that you will use high-quality bulbs along with these modern light fixtures.

7. Add some greenery

Organic design overlaps with modern design in terms of bringing the outdoors in. Adding an indoor plant or two makes a modern bathroom look more livable and fresh.

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