Thoughts on Decorating Your Bedroom

The bedroom is perhaps the most essential room in the house. If you think about it, the earliest permanent homes weren’t for living rooms or gourmet kitchens. They were a secure place to sleep at night.

Since rest is the most fundamental purpose of a bedroom, everything about it should be geared toward creating a calming environment to help you wind down and get recharged for the next day. Think about some of these ideas for getting your bedroom set to be an ideal space for rest.

Start With The Bedding…

That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? It just makes sense to get your bed the way you want it first and then fill in the surrounding environment in a way that seems appropriate.

As obvious as it is, many people don’t handle it correctly, and it often starts with the mattress and box spring. Because these are bulky items without a lot of aesthetic appeal, many people just make a quick decision at the first store they visit.

This can lead to a bad outcome because most stores offer a very limited selection. That’s why Bedding Mart makes it a point to offer many different brands of bedding so that customers can do some true comparison shopping. Your decision should include the firmness and any options for adjusting it, as well as the thickness (which can affect which headboards will fit). Do some research on construction types and their impact on durability, too.

…And Then Choose The Bed

Of course, once you’ve chosen the bedding itself, you need something to install it on. Once again, this is an area where many people are tempted to make a quick decision, and once again, that is a mistake.

The headboard can meet a lot of different functional and aesthetic needs. There are many of them on the market that are ready to use, of course, but you can also get a very unique one with just a little creativity.

Functionality is key. Be sure that the rails are sturdy; if they are too pliable, they can spread apart and allow the supports to fall through. A good idea is to choose a model with a metal brace running across. Think about whether you may want a headboard with storage for an alarm clock, cell phone charger, or books.

The Rest of the Room

Now that your bed is set, think about the rest of the room. What furniture pieces do you already have, and where can they fit? What other items will you need to include? What are their dimensions?

Review colors very carefully. Choose a paint that complements the finish of your furniture but can still match other schemes if you replace the comforter, throw rugs, or other fabric features.

Windows are key as well, and it’s more than just valances or other accents. Think functionality. Check into using blackout blinds to minimize the intrusion of outdoor light. It’s not necessarily to create a totally dark atmosphere–many people can sleep with a little light coming in–but it can keep the room much cooler during the day and have it more comfortable come bedtime. Window features can help you save energy on air conditioning as well.

The bedroom is all about getting good sleep by being comfortable with the temperature, lighting, and surroundings, and most of all the mattress. As you undertake a bedroom decoration project, never lose sight of the importance of quality bedding. After all, a beautiful, stylish bedroom is worthless if it features an uncomfortable bed.

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