Spider Pest Control in the Garden

Most home gardeners will not consider spiders as a common threat after all apart from the deadlier species most seem to be practically harmless.

Only spiders ‘mites’ can be fatally damaging to your plants, and the spiders that you see every day shouldn’t do much harm, in fact, they can sometimes help by preying on those bugs that do end up destroying your vegetation. In banana plantations, they sometimes use predatory spiders to prevent crop losses from other kinds of pests.

So certain types of garden spiders can be very beneficial, keeping many of the unwanted critters off your plants.

However, if you still want to get rid of your eight-legged lodgers, here are some tips on spider pest control.

Sticky Traps
These are a great invention that can be used against any creep crawly. Sticky traps are very simple and effective, it is basically a surface that is highly sticky to the point where insects and bugs get stuck and cannot move; leading to death. They are very cheap and easy to implement, however, if you’re using it outside make sure you get a waterproof make.

Spider repellent
This can be used indoors and outdoors. Spider repellent will effectively add poison to the plants so that when a spider comes close it gets poisoned and later dies. The problem with some spider repellent sprays is that they are not friendly towards your plants, and can actually end up killing your garden.

Non Lethal
A non-lethal type of spider repellent is based on natural chestnut extracts and can be used to apply a barrier that the spiders will not cross. Their noses are on their feet! and they absolutely can’t stand the smell that these repellents produce thus they avoid. I personally use this type of repellent around my doors and windows during early autumn – the time of year when spiders like to come into the house, and it works a treat.

Worst Case Scenario
If neither of these or the other simple home methods works or you’ve got a serious problem, it might be easier to call in some spider pest control services. There are specialists out there that will come to your home and help you eliminate them. One thing they will tell you, however, is that it will be exceptionally hard to keep spiders of your garden forever.

Just leaving a window open for an hour and there’s a possibility of a spider getting into your house; so it will be even harder to keep them out of your uncontrolled garden.

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