Organic Pest Control: The Safe Alternative to Harmful Chemicals

Organic pest control is the answer to getting rid of pests without having to use dangerous and harmful pesticides…

There can be a lot of ways to control pests nowadays but such methods normally involve the use of different chemicals that can definitely harm the environment. More and more people are now recognizing the damage that these harmful chemicals are causing over the long-term, and thus there is a growing movement of people looking to Mother Nature for answers to their pest control issues.

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Definition of Organic Pest Control
Organic pest control is known to be a method that utilizes natural resources in order to be able to eradicate different kinds of pests, primarily various insect species that destroy vegetation. This also involves the control of different weeds that can hinder the growth of your plants as well. It is known to be a very significant part of a program called integrated pest management.

Integrated pest management seeks to control the existence of various pests by the means of using natural approaches through the aid of humans. This method involves the use of natural enemies of the insects such as ladybug beetles to control greenfly, or frogs to control slugs. It also can involve natural barriers as a way to be able to eradicate existing pests in any kind of plantation.

Using diatomaceous earth in your garden can discourage such insects as aphids, beetles ants, and slugs and can also be used as a slug repellant as discussed in the video below…

Materials Used
The methods involve the use of natural substances which are formed into different solutions and mixtures that are used the same way as pesticides are used without having to worry about any negative to the environment and especially to humans. Some of the most common materials used include different strong natural substances like mineral oils and acid just like vinegar. Salt and chili can also be used in these control methods, and of course, not forgetting the beer when trapping those pesky slugs.

Comparing Organic Pest Control Against Pesticides
You may want to take Mother Nature’s pest control methods over pesticides whenever possible. Some will argue that organic can be less effective over chemical methods, and in some cases, this may be the case; Pesticides can give certain guarantees of protection against pests, however, without you being aware, these substances can often be destroying the environment as well as damaging your own body.

Some of the nasties found in pesticides can contribute towards causing different diseases, medical problems and complications ranging from simple infections to birth defects and even some cases of cancer. Fortunately, thanks to the wider availability of such information, the popularity of natural pest control methods is on an ever-increasing uptrend nowadays.

If it’s possible to control pests without having to cause risk to the environment and to human health then why still stick to using pesticides? It makes a lot of sense to look into the natural and safe methods as offered by the methods of organic pest control.

Agriculture changing
Even farmers are starting to see the benefits of natural pest control and it is definitely becoming more popular in some areas of agriculture.

They are starting to realize that these methods are much less costly in the long run in terms of the sustainability of the land that pesticides damage and deplete, as well as the damage done to people through their use.

Making the Switch
When making the switch over to this natural style of pest control from chemical pesticides you may not notice the benefits straight away, but once you have a system in place and established, it is said that you will never have any doubts regarding its protective nature, not only to your plants but also to the environment they grow in and to your health.

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