Models of Interior stairs

Photos to appreciate a good variety of stairs in the interior of residential homes, different houses, and creative options. Works made with different materials and techniques. The stairs are conceived and imagined with a broad view of structural and finishing details to then design them. But each ladder must be adjusted and integrated into the design of the house, or otherwise, bring an original element to the environment while saving functionality to upload and lower one to another floor in the house.

To make a different ladder combine several abilities and elements: creativity, architectural design, techniques, materials, engineering, aesthetics.

The origins of these designs are different, there are stairs American, English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese. Some are designs to order (custom), others are part of the catalog of a manufacturing company.

Staircase with iron double T beam support

The combination of rustic parts of the construction with the staircase in the interior adds to the variety of models. The ladder can balance parts of different weights and thickness of a harmonic and aesthetic way.

Helical staircase as cage

The glass has come to replace all parts that make up a stairway inside, even transparent. The use of this material has several advantages such as show light structure, dispel the image of the staircase, it readily creates a visual impact on the environment, and aesthetic value.

Transparent glass stairs

Organic forms are apparently very sophisticated when they apply to the structure of a staircase, but actually copied those that abound in nature. The spine is the perfect model for a helical staircase, and the structure of the shell of the snail is another way that produces an effect of fascination.

Ladder Helix of organic wood as the backbone

Some staircases have been designed and built to impress the people, seeing them and to use them. The idea often confuses the observer resorting to tricks, taking into account the senses.

Floating staircase with rope handrail

Even more typical or simple staircase can be an aggregate or have a component which to differentiate themselves pleasantly, and not only for an aesthetic purpose, also to improve safety for example.

Economic wooden staircase

The theme and style of the House can give topic and style to the staircase, but this well can make a contribution if single-friendly as if it were a piece of architecture that acts by its presence with the design as a framework environment.

Interior of transparent glass stairs

Forms of inner stairs integrated with the design of the House to act light cast shadows and beams that illuminate the areas of the environment, changing on the day, so they add a dynamic factor that makes the emotional climate of the environment.

Floating wooden staircase nautical inspiration

Typical wood stairs recur without more gracefully, but with a bit of imagination can change significantly. There are several examples in this and other entries here published.

Wooden staircase with balustrade glass

The combination of materials and colors made of a simple interior staircase and without appeal another that added a subject, as it can be seen in the image that follows.

Old wooden ladder with ceramic strips of color simile

The Rails have long been elements that gave to the stairs: beauty and style. Balustrade and handrail, railings, differed to the stairs. Today when it seems that it dispenses with them or they are forgotten, they reappear with original designs almost as works of art.

Railing artistic wooden staircase

The integration of the stairs with the furniture’s trend. In the following example, it is accentuated by the use of mirrors, which reflect the atmosphere as they disappearing part of the structure.

Modern ladder with mirror

The metal is one of the materials most used on the stairs to add security and add style or art. Original steps, railings of style, are made with this material and up to form given to boxes of stairs.

Triangular folding metal stair

Design ideas include the shape and material of the steps, structure, guardrails, and handrails, and even stair drawer.

Indoor staircase in a house in France with metal mesh

The luxury is expressed in the Interior stairs rather than the outdoors, usually resorting to refined and artistic designs with exclusive materials. Originality is an important component to provide a luxurious appearance.

Straight spiral railing artistic and luxurious

With stairs, it happens that impress more the fewer parts and materials compose them. The extreme minimalist cause real impact on the perception of a Western, usually seen in Japan where the synthesis is aligned with the culture or the Zen vision. For this reason, they are a focal point for the attention in contemporary interior design environments.

Although the majority of these structures of stairs are integrated into the design and the architectural style of the House, they can be seen independently, in a collection of images, to pay greater attention to the variety of the designs.

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