Decorating with a Leather Couch

A leather couch is a classic furnishing that can match almost any home design style. It’s a timeless, versatile piece that can fit with a traditional or modern, contemporary or edgy. But sometimes, it poses a decorating dilemma if you’re not fond of it, or if you think you’re stuck with decorating with neutrals. Here are some tips to help you with that:

1. Go light

A traditional leather sofa that is dark by nature, and is a typical man cave material. Sometimes, you don’t really want it, but your husband or partner insisted to buy it. To make it look and feel like a home go light with everything else. Keep your walls light and neutral, add a light rug, complement it with a light accent chair, and place a light rug underneath. But don’t think you have to stick with whites, grays and beiges – some shades with pink, blue and yellow undertones work well. Layer them with cream, pastels and pale accents. These things brighten up the space and makes it feel more feminine.

2. Mix it with other types of upholstery

A sea of leather couches and chairs can feel cold and impersonal, especially if you have a large living room and you fill it with leather couches and chair of the same color and same design. Add a homey feel by contrasting a large leather couch with an accent chair, a footstool or an ottoman made of a lighter color and softer material.

3. Layer around it

A leather sofa, if it’s sitting alone in a place, can easily dominate the space. Layer it with other furnishings and accessories in different finishes and colors – from end tables, bookcases, console tables and ottomans to wall hangings. For instance, if you have a classic-looking brown leather chair and you want your home to look chic and contemporary, place a blue display cabinet behind the sofa, then put a blue striped fabric on a console table in front of the chairs. Notice how it balances out the classic and the contemporary. Then, bring in some artwork and some plants to balance the visual weight of the leather sofa.

4. Add decorative pillows

One easy way to decorate your leather couch is to add some throw pillows that match the rest of the décor in your living room. Place boldly patterned pillows and solid color pillows that draw out the color of the wall, the rug or an artwork hung against the wall. You can also pick in a color that complements the color of the couch. Brown leather sofas look great with blue throw pillows, while black leather couches looks great with yellow patterned pillows. Pick out some design elements to present in your room you’d like to emphasize and make it a deciding factor when you pick a pillow.

5. Decorate with blankets

Add warmth to your leather sofa by spreading a soft throw blanket over the back or the arm of the couch. Make sure you choose a throw that will coordinate with the color of your throw pillow. A white throw blanket placed on a dark leather couch adds lightness. And when you decorate the floor with a white sheepskin rug, it creates a nice contrast in texture that adds visual interest. If anyone in your home who loves to take a nap on the couch, you can spread a full-sized comforter or blanket over the back of the sofa, so it would be easy to grab.

6. Bring in some metallic elements

Take advantage of the lustrous nature of leather. Whether it’s dark or light, leather couches pair well with metallic elements such as metal legs of a coffee table,  brass floor lamp, silver wall clock and artwork in metal frames. If you’re going for industrial décor, choose chunky and heavy-looking metallic pieces to bring the best out of the leather couch.

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