How to Choose the Best Value Leather Recliner Suite

Are you planning on buying a recliner, and you are not sure about where to begin? This guide will discuss the factors to consider when choosing a leather recliner.

When it comes to recliners, several options are available. If you want to check out leather lounge suites in Perth, you are certainly going to be spoilt for choice. In this article, we will help make the process easier by looking at how to make the right choice.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Recliner

Here are some tips to consider when you want to purchase a recliner suite:

1. Decide on Where to Place the Recliner

This is an important point to consider because you do not want to buy a piece of furniture that will find no place to stay in your home. So, choosing the correct size of the recliner that will match the space in your home is essential.

Additionally, you have to decide on which room to place the furniture. Will you place it in the general room where you all stay to watch programs on the tv? Will you place it in the reading room or where you host your guests? Is it for a nursery, a den, or an office? Answering these questions will help you make a good decision on the type and size of recliner to purchase.

2. Measure the Space for Furniture

Before going to the store, ensure that you measure the dimensions of the room. Also, take note of the features around the space where you want to place the furniture. You will have to measure the room, taking the fireplace, doorways, and windows into consideration. Measuring the room is a good way to make sure that the furniture will fit.

When shopping for furniture, the space in the showroom might be deceiving. Showrooms have larger spaces compared to your family and living rooms. The suites that look awesome in the showroom might be too big for your apartment. And dimensions alone aren’t enough except you can account for how items flow in the room as well as any extra space requirement that you might have.

3. Consider the Space for Moving the Recliner Indoors

Furthermore, when measuring your room for fit, you have to consider the space you need to convey the furniture into the room after delivery. You can give the measurements to the salesperson and they will help you get a suitable recliner. You may want to read this article to know how to measure your space for furniture.

You can also take photos or make sketches of the room as they will be more helpful.As the saying goes, “Pictures are worth more than a thousand words”, this is also true when shopping for furniture. You could use your smartphone to take some shots of your room. This will help the salesperson to understand the room’s layout.

The other points to consider about the space are:

  1. What are the colors on the walls? Do you have intentions of painting or re-painting it? you can bring a color sample to cross check the furniture fabric in the store.
  2. Are there doors and windows in the space? The furniture can be placed in front of the window if it won’t obstruct the view.
  3. Which items do you want to replace, and which will be staying? Will your old items match the new furniture?
  4. What kind of flooring is in the room? Is it scratch-resistant or tile? You may want to protect a hardwood floor with a felt pad.

If the project becomes bigger and you are thinking about redecorating all the rooms, you could decide to hire the services of an interior designing company.

4. Consider Your Body Size

You have to consider if you are getting the recliner for general household use or for yourself. This is because heights and body types differ. And there is no same size for everyone when it has to do with recliners. Hence, you need to know the dimensions of your body. This will enable you to find personalized support and comfort.

You may want to take note of the following:

  1. Go for a size that suits your height or whoever would use the furniture most often.
  2. Choose the style that is most appealing, from contemporary to casual.
  3. Enhance the recliner using your leather choice, handle options, fabric choice, as well as cushion upgrade.

You may want to check out to know how to get a recliner that will fit your body size.

5. Consider the Fabric or Cover

Leather has a distinct texture and grain, but some are more superior to others. Some leathers used in making furniture have undergone different processes, thereby, reducing their value. Thus, make sure you know the kind of leather that is on the recliner before buying. Top grain is very valuable leather, gotten from the uppermost layer of cowhide. And it is quite expensive.

6. Consider the Cost of the Furniture

Several factors could influence the price of the recliner. Some of them are upgrades, customization, and quality. It is important to bear in mind the purpose of the recliner in your home and how frequently you will use it.

If you will need it for everyday use, then you have to choose high-quality furniture. You may want to check out details like the materials used in constructing it, the features of the recliner, and the type of fabrics that are available.

Additionally, you can request a protection plan and a warranty. They will enable you to know what the protection after purchase looks like. And that is also a good place to start asking the furniture company about how they plan to deliver on their promises.


Don’t waste your money and time on furniture until you are sure that it will fit into your home and into the space that you have designated for it.

When planning to buy a leather recliner, we have discussed the factors you have to consider such as where you want to place it, the measurement of the space, if it can pass through your door into the room, your body size, the type of leather, and the cost. So, ensure you buy wisely.

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