Housewarming; 5 tips to plan on a budget

We know how hard you have worked in order to make your new house charming and chic. Shifting into a new house takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Decorating your house is a whole other level that is not easy for everyone. If you have put in the time to make your house look amazing, you will definitely want to show it off to your friends and family. The best way to do this is to throw a housewarming party once you are done setting up your home.

This is the perfect way to help you relax after such a hectic move. It will help you celebrate your new achievement and will give you a breather that you definitely need after the stressors of moving. It doesn’t matter whether the party will be fancy or casual, by invite or just an exclusive list, it will be your day. It is important to stick to your budget so that the party is fun and not just another hectic task for you.

You can throw an absolutely amazing party on a budget. We all know how expensive it is to move houses, so you might not want to spend too much on your housewarming. Here are some tips that we have gathered in order to help you throw the best housewarming party that you will ever see.

Figure out your budget

As with any task that we start in our lives, we need to know how much money we can allocate to it so that we do not end up spending a little too much. It is easy to lose track of your expenses when you are out shopping for the stuff that you will need. This might lead to some not so necessary splurges that you might end up regretting later on. You need to see how much money you will be comfortable spending on this party.

It can be anywhere between $50-$1000 dollars on average. Once you have decided your overall budget, you can now start allocating it to different areas such as decor, food, music, etc. You do not have any obligation to spend a lot on the party, so be sure to decide what is best for you in the longer run.

Finalize the date

It is a huge myth that people should throw a housewarming party as soon as possible. In reality, most people actually tend to wait a few months before throwing their housewarming party. This is why it is so important for you to decide the date. A lot of your family and friends might be waiting so that they can plan their schedules accordingly. It is important to work within certain parameters that will be more comfortable for you. This does not only apply to your financial aspect but also to the timing that you choose for your party. You can think of throwing your party even 4 months after you shift in so that you have adequate time for recovery after the big move.

Decide your guestlist

The next step in planning your party is deciding the guest list. You might want to call a lot of people in which case your budget will automatically need to increase. You can keep an intimate gathering of your closest people so that you are not under pressure financially. You can definitely invite acquaintances to a housewarming but it is important to choose your guests in terms of priority. You should narrow down the number of people that you would want inside your home, and then see which people are the most important to you. A smaller list will make this event more cost-effective and intimate.

Figure out your appetisers

The next thing that you need to do is to narrow down your appetisers. Sure, you can hire a cook for the day or even a catering service but it will not be helpful to you in terms of managing your budget. If you do decide to do everything yourself, it would be easier to pick up appetisers that will be great for everyone.

One of the most loved appetisers that can be quite hearty is a cheese board. You can fill this up with just about anything. Just make sure you have the right tools for this such as a cheese knife set, or even fondue sticks if you decide to have molten cheese or cheese fondue. You can even go one step further and ask some of your closest guests to get a board of their own that they can set up with their favourite food.

This will cut down your cost as well as your work by more than half in the food department. If you do not care a lot about what food will be there, you can even have a potluck night where your guests can bring a dish of their own.

Keep your decorations quite simple

You might want to try and decorate your house for your housewarming party, but it is absolutely not necessary. The whole focus and centre of attention of the party is the new house that you have moved into. You can surely add a few extra touches that will make it look like a party. Tying some balloons to your front porch or even using a nice and cute Welcome sign will help your friends spot your house on the street.

You can use some plants or floral arrangements in order to spruce up your house and to make it more lively. This will also give your house a finished and fresh look for your party. It is important to prioritise your decorations and not go overboard with them so that it does not feel like a waste of money later on. You can even find some housewarming-themed games and party favours that you can give out to your guests. This will be better than spending money on decor that will be wasted after the party.

It is important to understand that following a budget for your housewarming will make it less stressful and hectic for you. You can follow this list to help you stay on budget for your party.

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