Best Woods for Outdoor Furniture

Best Woods for Outdoor Furniture

Wood is a beautiful material, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture besides wicker, metal, stone, and concrete. Out of the hundreds of wood varieties available, only a few of them are durable enough for outdoor use to be able to withstand drenching rains, sun rays, as well as temperature and … Read more

Cast Iron Furniture for Patio and Backyard

When choosing furniture for the outdoor parts of your home like the patio and backyard, its ideal to pick those made of durable materials which can withstand any weather conditions. One common material great for outdoor settings is cast iron, and cast iron furniture make patios and backyards look elegant and beautiful. … Read more

Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

If you have a deck or a porch with outdoor furniture in it, you’re lucky. Besides indoors, you have a great spot to relax and unwind or socialize with family and friends. Not to mention, those furniture pieces you got from the Bare Outdoors Melbourne shop have brought a lot of comfort … Read more

Garden Edging Options

Defining your garden shouldn’t be overlooked. If your garden seems to need some enhancing, look at the edges. One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your garden is boosting or installing new edges. Besides their aesthetic value, edging also keeps your garden neat and clean by holding back soil, … Read more

What is a Vertical Garden?

  Not all households are blessed with enough yard space to create a garden with a beautiful landscape. If gardening is a passion and your home doesn’t have enough space (especially if you live in high-rise buildings in the city), then vertical gardening is a great option. A vertical garden is a … Read more

Decorating with Rattan

When it comes to choosing the right material for your furniture and accessory pieces, it always seems like a game on what is the most important between style, function, price, and durability. One thing that wins on all those factors is rattan. It’s generally inexpensive, strongest of the many types of wicker … Read more

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